Lemonheads at Birds of Pray

G-1 Leading 1-0 on a 1st inning RBI double by Loney, the Heads scored twice in the 3rd on an Altuve error. They increased the lead to 4-0 on a 5th inning solo by JD Martinez. Birds scored 3 in the bottom of the 5th on C. Headley’s 3-run homer (#7). Heads then got 2.2 innings of 2-hit ball to preserve their 4-3 win.

G-2 Heads score 3 in the 1st ripping 5 hits in the first 6 batters, with RBIs by Sandoval, Desmond and Murphy. Heads then got back-to-back doubles to lead off the 2nd (Blackmon RBI) for a 4-0 lead. Birds bats then woke up, scoring 3 in the 3rd (N. Cruz homer #10), 2 in the 4th (Headley homer #8) and 6 in the 5th en route to the Birds 12-8 win. Heads got a bases clearing triple from Desmond in the 6th.

G-3 J. Teheran scattered 4 singles in a CG 5-0 shutout. Birds got a 2-run homer by Lagares (#2).

Heads hit 1 homer, with 3 turned back in game 2 by Richards. Birds hit 5 homers (1 gift) and scored 20 runs on 31 hits.

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