Thank You’s

Just want to say a few thank you’s, but first a big congrats to Ed for getting his name on the trophy! Great season and great job for The Plague!!!!

My thank you’s…

Brandon – thanks for putting time and effort into things like this┬ámessage and this league.
Craig – thanks for hanging in there the last few seasons. You are a big part of keeping this thing together and I appreciate your passion.
Brian – thanks for all your hard work on the website and the pitching grades.
Tim – thanks for wanting to come back. One of the questions Tim asked me is if the big traveling trophy was still around. Hey, John: take a look at it. Tim’s name is on there.

I just wanted to add one more thing. At the end of the day we play this game for our own various reasons. For me this is just one of my many interests in life but it’s also one that I no longer wanna go without. And it comes down to the relationships I have with each of you. So even though I don’t always like decisions, rules, or even outcomes of my own games, I will always strive to try to do what’s right by the league.

Again, if anyone has any questions or further suggestions, just send them.

I’m ready to start going over pitchers while I anxiously await the delivery of my cards!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone and Happy New Year!!!


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