Bringing Down the Regular Season Curtain

Juggs win game 1 at home 5-3 , glasnow starter for punks . Gonzales for Juggs .

Juggs lose game 2 6-3 . Up 3-2 in bottom of 8 punks exploded for 4 runs top of 9th . 

Juggs lose game 3 at home tied game into the top of 7th . 1-1 . Freeman hits a two out 3 run homer one of only 3 hits for punks this game . Juggs lose 4-1 . Hill complete game loss . Juggs continue to lose extra base hits too pitchers and rolling singles in second column. This game lost one to pitcher and two others rolled singles . In game 1 we lost 3 0 to pitcher grade . 

Juggs win game one of second series 5-1 . Juggs must win last 2 to force a play in game 

Game 2 of second series punks at home , Juggs face glasnow again . Bottom of 5th early lead for punks Harper two run shot . But top of 6th Juggs plug glasnow with two doubles and a tauchman two run homer to lead 3-2 ( Donaldson 6 = homer runner on 3rd was turned back ) then top off 8th Edman lead off homer off glasnow Juggs up 4-2 going into bottom of 9th . Alfaro gets a single second on error because of bad roll for outfielder then Harper hits his second two run homer of the game to tie it . Two outs later Kendrick single , turner PR , steals second, Bell PH for Castellanos to face Brebbia, bell rbi single . Punks now lead 5-4 . Top 9th Yates in , k, k, F8, punks win 5-4 clinched playoff spot 

Last game of series and season for Juggs and punks . We let my 9 year old son roll the whole game for both of us . He rolled more doubles and better than we both did the whole series lol . Punks win 11-6 . Punks had 13 hits Juggs had 6 hits . Buehler hit 3 batters in two innings. Juggs finished 40 -44, punks finish 44-40.

Just some fun notes from last series of 6 games with punks . Punks hit 14 homers 12 good . Juggs hit 11 homer 10 good . A huge note and a big reason why the Juggs only won 2 games . Juggs lost 10 0 ‘s to either pitcher grade or rolling a second column single . Glasnow in his two games actually converted 5 0’s to a 7. Glasnow the only starter I saw all year with an HBO rating stopped 3HBP , 2 of which in the same at bat . Edman had a great series for the Juggs going 7/26 with 3 homers a triple and a double, 6 rbi all from the lead off spot in 6 games . He also was a victim of glasnow losing 2 0’s to him . Juggs had 5 error in 6 games 3 made by pitchers . Edman unfortunately made 2 one at second and one at LF. Means in first game of away series pitched a 9 inning complete game win only one run allowed a homer , 3hits , 1 bb, 8k . This was one of the most enjoyable series for me all year.  all the games were competitive with many crazy plays and lucky rolls.

Manager Tim

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