Birds of Pray at Shooting Stars II

G-1 Stars scored 4 1st inning runs on 4 hits, capped by a Kemp 3-run homer. This constituted more runs than the Birds would score in the series. DeGrom went 8 innings, allowing 4 hits and 1 run in the Stars 4-1 win.

G-2 Fiers needed only 93 pitches to blank the Birds 2-0 on 1 hit. Stars got 2 3rd inning runs on a Morneau double for a 2-0 Stars win.

G-3 Stars got an RBI from Pagan (1st inn) and Frazier (3rd inn) while Kuechel and the bullpen scattered 2 hits in the Stars 2-1 win. Birds only run came from a 2nd inning Aybar single.

Birds scored 2 runs on 8 hits in the 3 game sweep.

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