Shartlesville Browns – First 1st Period

The Browns took 3 of 4 from the Speakers yesterday to finish up the 1st period at 17-19. Attached are the first period stats and here are a few notes:
The Sharts slashed .218/.268/.367 while pitching to a 3.29 ERA and out-homering their opponents 36-33.
The offensive star was none other than Bruce Hairpin (.261-9-24) who in 31 games led the team in runs (18), Hits (30), RBI (24), walks (18) and tied for the lead in HR (9) and SB (2). Kyle Seager (.242-9-18) was a close second.
The pitching star of the 1st period could easily still be Kershaw (3-3 2.25 3 CG 56 K in 48 IP) but since he’s off the squad that honor goes to Gallardo who is 3-1 in 8 starts with a 2.33 ERA. Tony Watson also deserves mention for posting a 0.00 ERA while earning 3 saves with 15 K’s in 14 innings over 7 appearances.
Three of the new Browns acquired in that Kershaw trade have helped to right the ship as the Sharts have played above .500 (7-5) baseball since the deal went down. Espinosa (.421-1-4) Duda (.239-3-6) and Marte (.159-0-1) have not only helped at the plate but have greatly improved the Browns defense, with the club only committing 2 errors in the 12 games since the trade. In the previous 24 games the Browns had 23 errors with almost half that number (Phillips-4, Morales-3, Burns-3) being committed by the now replaced fielders.
The Browns are now ready to schedule for the Second Period as they look forward to welcoming back their top 3 starters (Gallardo, Strasburg and Cueto) who have accounted for only 1 start in the last 12 games.
Tony Champa

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