Arrogant Bastards at Asian Tsunamis

Game 1
Salazar v Warren….Trout doubles in a run in the 1st.  Russell SAC’s in a run in the 4th.  Agone goes yard in the 6th for a 3-0 AB’s lead.  Craig then says its time to hit and proceeds to score 5 runs in the 6th and 3 in the 7th.  Grichuk had a big 2-out 2-run double followed by a 2-run HR by Davis; and, Bogaerts had a double in each inning driving in 3 total.  Final was 8-4 w/ the win to Warren and loss to Melancon.
Game 2
Hamels v Zimmermann…Big Papi knocked in a run on a 2nd inning ground out; and then Andrus singled in Gardner (pinch running for Stanton) in the 9th for the games only runs as the AB’s won 2-0.  Hamels got the win and Davis picked up a save as the Nami’s had a RISP in the 7th, 8th, and 9th – 7th and 8th were lead off doubles. Starting the 8th Cedeno +24 turned back a potential game tying HR.   Zimmermann took the tough loss.
Game 3
Miller v Nola….this game was a war to win the series.  Paulsen doubled in 2 in the 2nd for a 2-0 lead.  In the 3rd Panik got a bases loaded single and then Papi BB’d to force a 2-2 tie.  In the 6th the AB’s got a 2 RBI double from Stanton to go up 4-2.  In the bottom of the 6th w/ 2 outs, Miller (+32) failed to pull back a Davis 2-run HR and the game was tied at 4-4.  In the top of the 7th Howell (+31) pulled back a Papi HR to keep the score knotted at 4-4.  In the 10th Stanton sent a bomb outta the yard to put the AB’s back in front 5-4.  W/ 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th, Hundley rolled a 11-0 to tie the game once again at 5-5 off a now beleaguered Wade Davis.  In the top of the 11th, Martin led off w/ a 10 single (I believe), then Gardner singled and up stepped Mike Trout who deposited a 3-run HR that Pomeranz (+21) could not pull back.  Jansen came on in the bottom of the 11th for a 3 batter save for Davis while Pomeranz took the loss.

AB’s went 6 for 32 w/ RISP while the Nami’s went 8 for 31….as both teams had their opportunities.

AB’s after 54 games are now 29-25 as the try to grind through the 2nd period.  They are looking to schedule next week v the Stars, Bees or the Eliminators.  Good luck the rest of the way everyone.

Manager Steve

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