Spring Time Thoughts

With Spring Training well under way I have reviewed my team’s possible year ahead on the field and I am excited for their potential.

18 Position Players, 16 of which are projected to be on an opening day lineup — 6 of them in the lead off spot.

Speed, you ask? The fastest team in the league I believe…..265 SB Attempts to use. 5 in the first series puts me behind the ave of 11.77 per 4 game series, so I will have to pick up the stolen base attempts in next couple series. 197 of those attempts are by A,B,C rated runners.

Of my TEN Starters ALL TEN have earned a place on their respective teams’ starting 5 rotation — 3 of which are their opening day starters (QUINTANA, DESCLAFANI, KEUCHEL). DeGrom and Walker in 2 spot Hon mention….).

For my relief pitchers all 8 are expected and projected to be in the bullpen on the 25 man roster with 3 very good closers (RAMOS,CHAPMAN,AND A YOUNG LORENZEN).

Only one injury: Wilson Ramos is expected back for late May as a DH? We shall see.

Things always look good at this time of year, but this by far is the best talented team I have had in this league and the most potential I have put together for future ownership.

Good Luck to all!

Manager Kevin

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