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Bringing Down the Regular Season Curtain

Juggs win game 1 at home 5-3 , glasnow starter for punks . Gonzales for Juggs .

Juggs lose game 2 6-3 . Up 3-2 in bottom of 8 punks exploded for 4 runs top of 9th . 

Juggs lose game 3 at home tied game into the top of 7th . 1-1 . Freeman hits a two out 3 run homer one of only 3 hits for punks this game . Juggs lose 4-1 . Hill complete game loss . Juggs continue to lose extra base hits too pitchers and rolling singles in second column. This game lost one to pitcher and two others rolled singles . In game 1 we lost 3 0 to pitcher grade . 

Juggs win game one of second series 5-1 . Juggs must win last 2 to force a play in game 

Game 2 of second series punks at home , Juggs face glasnow again . Bottom of 5th early lead for punks Harper two run shot . But top of 6th Juggs plug glasnow with two doubles and a tauchman two run homer to lead 3-2 ( Donaldson 6 = homer runner on 3rd was turned back ) then top off 8th Edman lead off homer off glasnow Juggs up 4-2 going into bottom of 9th . Alfaro gets a single second on error because of bad roll for outfielder then Harper hits his second two run homer of the game to tie it . Two outs later Kendrick single , turner PR , steals second, Bell PH for Castellanos to face Brebbia, bell rbi single . Punks now lead 5-4 . Top 9th Yates in , k, k, F8, punks win 5-4 clinched playoff spot 

Last game of series and season for Juggs and punks . We let my 9 year old son roll the whole game for both of us . He rolled more doubles and better than we both did the whole series lol . Punks win 11-6 . Punks had 13 hits Juggs had 6 hits . Buehler hit 3 batters in two innings. Juggs finished 40 -44, punks finish 44-40.

Just some fun notes from last series of 6 games with punks . Punks hit 14 homers 12 good . Juggs hit 11 homer 10 good . A huge note and a big reason why the Juggs only won 2 games . Juggs lost 10 0 ‘s to either pitcher grade or rolling a second column single . Glasnow in his two games actually converted 5 0’s to a 7. Glasnow the only starter I saw all year with an HBO rating stopped 3HBP , 2 of which in the same at bat . Edman had a great series for the Juggs going 7/26 with 3 homers a triple and a double, 6 rbi all from the lead off spot in 6 games . He also was a victim of glasnow losing 2 0’s to him . Juggs had 5 error in 6 games 3 made by pitchers . Edman unfortunately made 2 one at second and one at LF. Means in first game of away series pitched a 9 inning complete game win only one run allowed a homer , 3hits , 1 bb, 8k . This was one of the most enjoyable series for me all year.  all the games were competitive with many crazy plays and lucky rolls.

Manager Tim

Juggernauts at Punks

Juggs travel to punks . Game 1 Gonzales for Juggs , Beuhler for punks . Top of second two outs Muncy blasts a homer but Beuhler +22 turns it back no score . Top of 3rd Anderson two outs hits a bomb but buehler turns that back also no score . Bottom of 5th two outs Alfaro to 3rd on Harper single, Harper then attempts a steal E32, loses one from Molina makes him a 31 , but Juggs roll a 66 CS inning over . Still no score . Top of 8th buehler now upgrades to 19 Wong gets a lead off double with one out Wong steals 3rd , but peralta and Molina k no score . Bottom of 8th littel is in his 3rd inning of relief for Juggs , Alfaro lead off single, littel pulled , kahnle in hits Harper , pollock ks one out , first and second, Giles in to face Kendrick, Kendrick hits into a 3-6-6-3 DP . Still no score . Top of 9th Juggs top 3 batters go down to Buehler. Bottom of 9th Giles faces lead off Castellanos he rolls a 0 but Giles makes it a 7 single, trea turner in to PR , Correa up boom two run blast punks win 2-0 . Game 2 : minor for Juggs , Grienke for punks .top of first Anderson lead off single with two outs Cruz 2 run blast , Soler single Donaldson two run dinger Juggs up 4-0 . But no lead is ever safe in APBA . Bottom of second one out correa single freeman two run homer just like that punks back in the game Juggs up 4-2 . Top 3rd Springer lead off homer but Grienke +24 turns it back left stranded at second. Bottom of 3rd Castellanos lead off homer Juggs still up 4-3 . Top of 5th Springer again homer but turned back again by Grienke and to make things worse Anderson was caught stealing on the hit run by Springer on first pitch 14 result. Juggs up 4-3 . Bottom of 7th Dickerson error to lead off Correa one out walks pollock minor done 6.1 innings . Brebbia in faces Rosario, smack homer but +33 turns it into a double Brandon most likely wishes he hadn’t held pollock at 3rd which would have been go ahead run better than 50/50 for him to score , second and third one out Alfora up , Juggs change pitchers Kahnle in with his 152k rating . 8 now good for hitters . Punks PH Poser who has a much better contact card rolls a hit number but it’s a 9 Kahnle now a 19 makes it a strikeout, Alfaro had an 8 there . Harper pop out inning over game tied 4-4 . Top 9 th Yates brought in to face lead off slugger Soler gets him into a 1-3 po. One out , Donaldson double Edman PR steals third , Wong k , two outs , Punks manager walks Votto . Another bite me in the ass decision. Votto steals second to make the hitting board better for Juggs , Santana will PH for Molina , 8 are good now 0 changed to a single but Santana rolls a 66=1 Yates +53 doesn’t stop it 3 run blast Juggs up 7-4 . Bottom of 9 th two outs pollock on second with a double, Cordero pulled , Giles in gets Rosario for a save Juggs win 7-4 Cordero gets the win . Game 3 : Ryu for Juggs , Paddack for punks. Top of 3rd Muncy lead off homer , paddack is -15 for power . Molina one out walk Anderson single, Soler two out 3 run blast Juggs up 4-0. Bottom of 3rd pollock lead off walk Senzel homer +26 power stops it ( but his +46 control doesn’t stop walks ) runners 2nd and 3rd no outs,Ryu ks Alfaro , acuna and Kendrick Juggs still up 4-0 . Bottom of 5th with two outs Senzel single, Alfaro single , Acuna homer but Ryu stops another one two out two rbi double instead. Juggs up 4-2 . Bottom of 6th Devers lead off double. Intentionally walk +11 vs lefty Castellanos, Correa hits into a DP dever to third , Freeman flyout ends inning Juggs still lead 4-2 . Top 8th Soler lead off walk against Yates with two outs Donaldson single against new pitcher Neris, Wong walk fills bases with 2 outs Votto grounds out . Juggs up still 4-2 . Bottom of 8th Ryu still pitching Acuna lead off k , Kendrick walk Devers Fc two outs Castellanos walk (Ryu 3rd of game 4 with the IBB) . Relief called brebbia in face PH Bell .walk, bases full two outs freeman up . Cordero in relief gets freeman. Juggs still up and will win 4-2 Giles comes in bottom of 9th with one out to earn his 10th save of the season. Juggs record now 17-13 . Playing Bob Sunday morning. Juggs still have not faced a left handed starter . Every run Juggs got in this series was via a homerun. Juggs hit 9 homers but only kept 5 . Punks hit 6 only kept 3 . Game one Juggs 0/3/0 punks 2/7/0: game 2 )Juggs 7/10/1 punks 4/5/0. : game 3 ,Juggs 4/6/0. Punks 2/6/1.


Juggs have offensive series with punks . Game 1 Beuhler vs Paxton. Paxton goes 7 for the win even though he gave up 4 homers and 5 runs , Beuhler gave up 3 homers and 7 runs . Juggs strike first bottom of first Anderson lead off double , Soler 2 out homer , Juggs 2-0 . Top of 2nd Freeman one out solo shot and Correa right behind him does the same 2-2 , bottom of 3rd , Soler connects again for a two out 3 run homer . Beuhler downgraded 5 points . Juggs up 5-2 . Bottom of 4th Donaldson lead off double, Peralta one out homer turned back into an rbi double, Juggs up 6-2 . Top 5th Alfonso one out 2 run homer , Juggs lead 6-4 . Bottom 5th Dickerson two out homer Juggs stay up 7-4 . Top 8th Harper lead off Homer . Paxton pulled after that and Juggs throw 4 relievers in last two innings to win 7-5 . Punks 5/7/1 Juggs 7 /9/ 0. 6 of the 7 hits for punks extra bases . 8 of 9 hits for Juggs extra bases . Juggs record 4-0 . Game 2 . I must say before write up for this game , that it was the greatest ABPA game I have played to date , the thrills and spills in this game went way above normal. Grienke 15 2y righty vs Means 16 2 lefty . Bottom of first Anderson lead of double, Springer rbi single, Dickerson hits a two out homer , but Grienke +24 turns it into a two out rbi double ( this will be very important for Dickerson later in game ), Juggs up 2-0. Top of 2nd Castellanos lead off double will score with one out on a two base error by Dickerson. Juggs lead 2-1 . Bottom of 2nd Molina will get a two out homer Juggs up 3-1 . Bottom of 3rd Springer lead off double gets to 3rd on Canha ground out , then scores on Soler ground out rbi to second , Dickerson up boom blasts a solo shot to make up for error , Juggs up 5-1 Grienke downgraded 5 points . Punks already mentally giving up on this game , so Juggs get a bit relaxed and stop being aggressive, bottom of 4th Juggs runners on 1st and second no outs , leave runners at 1st and 2nd . Bottom of 5th Canha gets on to lead the inning by a Kingery error at second base . Dickerson gets his 3rd hit of the game with one out an rbi triple , Donaldson then ks, Muncy walk but peralta k for 3rd out , two runners left on base again but Juggs still lead 6-1 . Top 7 means strikes out Kingery, Senzel single Alfonso one out two run homer, means pulled , littel in Harper flyout center 2 outs , Acuna double, littel out Cordero a 19 righty in , segura rbi double , Kendrick rbi single , Castellanos HBP , Cordero out , Ramirez lefty 14 in to face -9 Devers rolls a 55 =7 single rbi , runners on 1st and 3rd ramirez then throws a WP scores Castellanos and Devers to second, kahnle comes in to face kingery who is up for second time this inning and he flies out to center inning finally over . Punks score 6 runs and take the lead 7-6 . Bottom of 7th Murphy will PH for Votto who was a defensive replacement for Canha in top of 7th . Smith lefty relief was in to face votto , Muncy walk , Edman will PR and steal second . No outs , Soler moves Edman to 3rd on ground out , Dickerson his an rbi single to tie the game and be the first juggernaut to Hit For The Cycle. !!!! Villar will PR but gets caught stealing Donaldson who I originally was going to hit and run with rolls a 34=31 . Game tied . Top of 9th kahnle still in Acuna lead of k , then Santana makes an error at first base , Giles in but with no rest has appeared in 5 straight games Kendrick pop out left , bell PH for Castellanos gets a two base error by 9 secondbaseman Wong of RP board scores Correa for go ahead run but bell is caught in rundown for 3rd out . Punks lead 8-7 . Bottom 9th . Yates is in faced one batter previous inning, Ahmed lead off walk , Springer pop out , Edman 10 is a single Ahmed to 3rd , Edman steals second, Soler rolls a 44=0 second column rolls a 12 =8 single two rbis Juggs win 9-8 . Punks 8/10/1 Juggs 9/11/3 Juggs now 5-0 . Juggs lose game 3 8-4 punks hit 3 homers for half there runs paddack gets the win Gonzales the loss . Juggs record 5-1