Lemonheads Sour

Lemonheads sour at Basher stadium: Juggs get a hard fought sweep at home . Game 1 : Wood starts for Juggs . Story lead off single top 1st Jose Martinez will single him home with one out .juggs answer with a Votto one out solo shot off starter Greinke. 1-1 . Top 4th Gallo 2 out solo shot off wood . Lemonheads 2-1 . Top 5th Hernandez one out double, Story will single him home with 2 outs . Lemonheads up 3-1. Bottom of 7th Juggs rally to tie game . Greinke is pulled after 6ip. Blier lefty comes in bottom 7th to face lead off Hicks . Smith PH for Hicks . Smith double. Iglesias to Ph for Gennett. Blier pulled. Cishek in . Iglesias lays down a bunt sacrifice. Smith to 3rd one out . Dejong rolls a 33=6 cishek +31 can’t stop it , 2 run homer ties game . Barnhart walk . Peralta hit run 13 . Barnhart A6 steal attempt lemons roll a 15 but cishek +2 move gets him out . Peralta hits a double on next pitch Votto ground out to end inning. Tied game 3-3 . Hirano comes in top off 8th shutdown lemonheads 8th and 9th . Bottom of 9th. Smith to lead off Rodriguez comes in for lemons 17 righty +31+31. Smith -2 vs righty makes Rodriguez a 19 . Smith rolls a 51=10 single. Lowrie walk . Dejong single fills bases no outs . Barnhart. Rbi single to win game . Hirano win . Juggs 4-3 . Juggs 9 hits no errors. Lemonheads 7 hits 1 error.

Game 2: Juggs start Gonzales. Lemons start Foltynewicz. Top 1st Blackmon second batter gets a one out solo shot. JD Martinez 2 out single gallo scores him with 2b. 2-0 lemons. Bottom of 1st . Smith lead off single, Peralta single H&R =31. Votto single rbi . Smith scores. Peralta to 3rd . Stassi PB Peralta scores Votto to second. Muncy Winker Hicks all k . Tied 2-2 . Bottom of 3rd Votto on base by freese error with one out then Muncy gets on error CF JD Martinez. Winker flyout second out . Hicks rbi single scores Votto. Gennett walk Dejong flyout ends inning. Juggs up 3-2 . Bottom of 4th juggs score again. Molina lead off double villar will PR . Smith attempted sac pop up to pitcher. One out runner on second. Peralta rbi single. Muncy will get on with 2 outs error stassi Winker flyout end inning. Juggs up 4-2 . Top of 5th story lead off single, moved to second blackmon hit and run out. Then Jose Martinez lines into a DP. Bottom of 6th Juggs have runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 out but Muncy k for 3rd out . Top of 7th lead of single by freese gets Gonzales pulled for Buchter. Buchter will get 10 straight outs to close out game for save . Gonzales win . Juggs win 4-2 Juggs 11 hits one error. Lemons 8 hits 3 errors.

Game 3: Minor on mound for Juggs. Corbin for lemons. Story leads of with a single. Attempting steal Juggs need a high 6 roll . Roll a 66 story caught stealing. 2 more outs minor makes it out of first inning. Top of second lemons strike first . JD Martinez lead off single, Gallo single. Albies flyout. Freese gets on by pitchers error runners advance 2 bases Martinez scores . Hernandez get an rbi FC . Scores Gallo. Stassi k ends inning. Lemons up2-0 . Top of 3rd story gets a lead off solo shot only score for lemons that inning lemons up 3-0 . Juggs threaten in bottom of 3rd . Barnhart 2 out single. Smith hits a double Barnhart trying to score gets thrown out at home . Bottom of 4th Juggs rally . Iglesias lead off single springer single Iglesias to 3rd on JD error . 1st and 3rd no outs. Voit rbi single scores Iglesias. Runners on first and second no outs . Judge k , Muncy k , Votto HBP loads bases  . Gennett up gets hit with fastball HBP rbi .barnhat ground out to end inning. Lemons up 3-2 . Top of 5th lemons get lead off double from Hernandez but can’t get him in . Chavez come in that inning to face story with one out . K him . Blackmon ground out . Chavez will stay in game and shutdown lemonheads for 4.2 innings and gets the win . Juggs rally in bottom of 9th for victory. Cishek bottom of 9th faces lead off Votto. Votto walks , Villar in to PR . Gennett up cishek pulled . Sipp in 23 2x +12/+54 lefty . Gennett k one out . Molina up . Villar steals second. Juggs take a big chance steal Villar to 3rd .hes safe . This makes Molina 8’s good . But he rolls a 33=6 and sipp +54 can’t keep it in the Park .molina one out 2 run homer for Juggs come from behind win and a sweep 🧹. Juggs Win 5-3 have 8 hits one error. Lemons 5 hits one error. Juggs now 23-14 record. Looking to play tomorrow Sunday.  Bob had no luck this series.

Manager Tim

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