Stars Shine

Shooting Stars shine on the road at Basher Stadium. Take 2 of 3 . Game one : Juggs are on a 4 game winning streak and make it 5 . A Rain delay in bottom of first downgrade both starters. Chacin ( Juggs) Williams ( stars ) . Williams gives up 2 runs in bottom of 1st allowed a walk and 3 singles. Juggs up 2-0 . Top of 2nd stars answer back with a run off 3 singles and a walk . Chacin pulled at 1.2 IP. Chavez in for long middle relief. Bottom of second, Williams pulled after he allows a 2 out single to Smith. Remember both starters were downgraded 6 points when returning from rain delay. Baez lefty brought in . Top of 3rd Ramos will get a 2 out 2 run homer off Chavez. Stars lead 3-2 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs answer back with a 2run homer by PH Voit in DH spot , off Baez. Juggs up 4-3 . Chavez will pitch till the 6th but gives up lead off double to carpenter. Buchter brought in to finish game . Goes 4 scoreless innings for a save . While Chavez got the win for his 3.1 ip. Juggs score 5 more runs in last 3 innings off Lugo and Dyson. Hicks almost hit for the cycle  an rbi single, a double, and a two run homer in 7th inning. Juggs win 9-3 , 9 hits 1 error. Stars 7 hits 2 errors. Game 2 : Degrom will end Juggs 5 game win streak, but barely. Degrom throws a masterful Complete game win allowing only one run and 3 hits no walks 10 ks. Juggs struck first in bottom of first when Peralta had a one out double then singled home by next batter Votto. Juggs up 1-0 . Juggs get a two out double from Gennett, but Dejong can’t hit him in . Top of 3rd stars threaten . Starter Carrasco gives up lead off single to Suarez then hits Pederson. Lorenzen will k ( he used all his AB in our series) kemp will LDP to end inning. Top off 4th Carrasco finally breaks down . Lead off single to Ramos walk Carpenter single Gregorios to fill bases no outs Zobrist fly ball to RF Kevin tags up all 3 runners Juggs go for easiest out at second, Roll a 61 runner out at second, but it would have gotten the runner at home too . That mistake will cost Juggs the game . Ramos scores on the sac fly . 1-1  game . Next batter incierte doubles scoring carpenter from 3rd . Stars up 2-1 and that’s how it will end as Juggs are 3 up 3 down rest of game . Degrom  taking away all our 8 and 9 we roll . Carrasco took lose 7.1 ip 10 hits 2ER 3BB 8k and 1 HBP (Pederson) .no errors that game . Game 3:Sabathia for Juggs . Sanchez for Stars . Stars get to Sabathia early. Top of first lead off single for Marte . Goes to second on Pederson ground out. Suarez rbi single. Stars 1-0 . Bottom of 2nd 2 outs Hicks single, Gennett HBP, Dejong walk . But Molina flyout to right field for 3rd out. Top of 3rd stars score 2 runs with 2outs . Pederson double, suarez walk, Gurriel rbi single, Kemp rbi single, bader flyout to end inning. Stars up 3-0 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs Peralta one out double, Muncy 2 out homer But no reliever Alverez +44 turns it back to an rbi double. Voit will PH single Muncy to 3rd . Judge will PH for Hicks to face Alverez. Hughes in to face Judge flyout ends inning. Stars up 3-1 . Top of 6th stars add a run with solo homer Ramos off Hirano. Stars 4-1. Juggs big rally bottom of 6th . Judge lead off walk , hughes pulled after 2.1ip and 10 BF, Oberg in for stars . Gennett singles, Dejong walk fills bases . No outs . Springer PH for Molina slow roller to first base he is out but runners advance one base giving him an rbi on judge scoring. Runners on 2nd and 3rd one out . Smith lays down a successful squeeze play scores Gennett. Villar will PR for Dejong on 3rd base . Peralta up . Duke lefty brought in for Peralta (-10) . Juggs send Villar home for tying run 41 or less safe . Stars roll 43 get Villar stealing home for 3rd out and Villar caught stealing for first time this season. Stars still lead 4-3 and will win game 4-3 . Hughes also had turned back what would have been another Juggs run in bottom of 5th Peralta solo shot to a double. Baez 5th reliever for stars closes out win for them . Each team one error Juggs 7 hits stars 8 hits . Juggs now 23-16 record

Manager Tim

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