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2018 Juggs Run

Just some ending stats and notes from championship series. Total runs scored : Lemons 25 , Juggs 26. Total hits : Lemons 56, Juggs 47. Total Home runs hit and turned back : Lemons actual homers 8 turned back 6. Juggs actual homers 8 turned back 9. Total SB and CS: Lemons SB 2 CS 1 ( all Blackmon), Juggs SB 1 CS 2. Hit batsman: Lemons 1 ( Jose Martinez) Juggs 1 (Donaldson) . Total walks: Lemons 15, Juggs 23. Total errors: Lemons 5, Juggs 1.  In game 5 we had a RP result, Schoop on second after hitting a HR turned back to a double, one out Molina PH for Barnhart, RP results in Molina getting a single but Schoop is called out for coming into contact with ground ball. Juggs still managed to win that game 6-5 in ten innings. That was the only extra innings game of the series. I sent out all my score sheets from series on email if you would like to look at them. Juggs one weakness this year was lack of speed and quality base stealers, which left us vulnerable to hitting into double plays and not scoring from second. Also could not manufacture a run when needed. It was home run or bust. I must say Bob made some very good pitching moves at key times in the series. Congratulations again, Bob. 

Manager Tim

2018 Championship Series – Determined

Juggs take game 5 at Lemons for a 3-2 series lead . Lemons jump to 2-0 lead on Duvall two run shot bottom of 2nd. Juggs tie in 4th . But lemons Duvall again 2 run homer bottom of 5th . 4-2 lemons . Juggs get one back 7th but lemons also get one in bottom 7th. 5-3 lemons . Juggs score one run in 8th 9th and 10th to win game . Juggs hit 5 homers all five turned back to doubles . Juggs win game 6-5 in ten.

Juggs get crushed in game 6 . Home field meant nothing as Stroman pitched a 2 hit shutout. Gonzalez avoided all kinds of trouble for first five then gives up two run shot to gallo (3for3 single double HR and a walk ) 2-0 lemons top of 6th . They score 5 more in 7th . Win 7-0.

Manager Tim

Game 7

Heads score 3 top 2nd on Duvall 2ebi 3B and Realmuto RBI 1b. Juggs score 3 in 5th on Springer RBI 2B, Molina PH RBI 1B and DeJong PH Sac Fly. Juggs get a solo HR from Votto in 7th vs +42 Gearrin. Teammates bail him out in the 8th with a Blackmon 10 single vs a 19, he steals 2nd on a botched Murphy H&R, Murphy rolls a HR that gets turned back, Kinsler pinch runs, JD rolls a homer that gets turned back but gives Heads the lead. Gearrin gets thru the 8th and Green slams the door in the 9th for the Lemonheads 2nd OOTL title!!

It was an Instant Classic series. 

Duvall 6-24, 2b, 3b, 4runs, 10rbi, and 2 2hr games. 

Bob Boyd
OOTL 2018 Champions

2018 Championship Series – Deadlocked

Lemons and Juggs tied at 2 games a piece. Lemons win game 1 2-0 at Juggs . Juggs win game 2 5-3 at home . Game 3 at Lemons Juggs win 9-0 . Game 4 at Lemons Juggs lose 3-2 , that game tied 2-2 top of 5th Juggs load bases no outs . Judge rolls a 24 result only one on card , Lemons were playing close , but roll fielding 3 so only one out at home plate . Donaldson up next gets a 27 3b play result, DP . Unbelievable. Juggs mentally broke after that . Bottom of 5th 2 outs . Neshek in +43 vs homers gives up homer to Jose Martinez. Lemons take 3-2 lead and hold it for win . Juggs did have a two out PH double by Dejong, Hicks up next , but Juggs debate PH K Seager he has a 0 at 22 Hicks only an 8 . But Hicks has a better chance to get on base so I talk myself out of it . Yep I roll a 22 which would have been a 0 but taken to 7 by pitcher . But Dejong would have most likely scored to tie it . 😑. Juggs travel to Lemons next Sunday to finish up series.

Manager Tim

#3 Seed Analysis

Sometimes it’s good therapy to get things down on paper. From top to bottom this may have been the best Bastards team I’ve fielded.

While I made two trades, one for the future and another for the present and future, the pieces were there to contend for another title. But as a fan, an athlete and game player this current Bastards run seems to fall right in line with it all…get one title.
Rams in 1999 – should have one at least one more
Phillies in 2008 – had a chance to win 2 or even 3 more
Over 40 baseball – 5 years, 1 title, 3 championship game losses to the Phillies and the one title was the year the a Phillies weren’t in the league…go figure
My current softball team – 1 title but the last 2 seasons failure in the championship round
Bastards 2014 – title, but last year I ran into a great team coupled with a rolling BDUB and this year I just simply didn’t get things done v the Juggs.

But hey 1 is better than none. I’m the only team to go to the playoffs in each of the last 6 years. I have work to do at the draft but I hope to make it 7 in a row next year. Yes, you will all hear me bitch about the travesty that is Mike Trout’s card compared to the multitude of stiffs that will be drafted but it is what it is.

Good luck to Tim and Bob in the World Series…my money is on a lot of HR’s being hit to produce runs.

And lastly – the 2nd and 3rd board with less than 2 outs and play result of 23-12 can absolutely positively eat shit. The last 4 times I’ve played it’s happened 5 times…I lined into 4 of those 5 DP’s.

Ok I’m better now. Take care everyone.

Manager Steve

2018 Playoffs – ABs vs. Juggs – Game 6

Game 6 must win for Bastards, Juggs are pumped after explosive road win . Gonzalez squares off against Anderson again (game 2) Juggs don’t expect Gonzalez to last long and bullpen is already warming up at start of game.

Top off first Bastards have first and 3rd one out , but Sanchez wiffs and healy flies to center . Votto leads off in bottom of 1st for jugs with a single , Donaldson then walks , judge lines to second , Gennett single Juggs send both runners to try and get votto to score , Bastards go for easy out at third so votto scores , and Donaldson slides under the tag at 3rd for what should have been an easy second out . 1-0 Juggs . Top off second Andrus lead off single, Mauer up hit and run rolls 14 and Andrus caught stealing by Barnhart. Mauer then flies to right field. Then Ozuna single Gordon grounds out to second ends inning. Bottom of second Juggs go down in order 123 . Top of 3rd turner k, Stanton single trout walk , Gonzalez pulled after 2.1 IP . Juggs bring in Cy Young candidate Neshek. Who gets Sanchez and Gardener( PH for Healy) . Bottom of 3rd Juggs top of order , votto walk Donaldson homer turned back by Chase Anderson which leaves runners on second and 3 but judge lines to first for a double play. 2 outs runner on 3rd , Pitching change for Bastards Milner comes in to face gennett-9 vs lefty . Juggs PH Smoak and Milner IBB to Smoak . Taylor now up and Milner pulled for Jansen who is a 29 vs Taylor but Taylor hits a homer and Jansens 32 can’t stop it . 3 run shot . Juggs up 4-0 . With a strong bullpen ready to go Juggs are poised to win series.but Stanton homers in top of 5th of Neshek 4-1 Juggs , Springer had lost a solo shot earlier in the bottom of 4 th . Then in top of 5th Andrus hits a solo shot off Neshek chasing him from game Neshek 2.2 ip 4 hits 2 runs o walks 3 ks 2 homers . Ok now Juggs bring in another big gun Minor gets Mauer but second batter faced Ozuna homers solo shot Juggs lead cut to 4-3 . Minor gets Gordon for second out , but is pulled when Turner +9 gets up .Big Gun Madson comes in goes next 2.1 ip with no runs and 4 ks. Juggs in bottom of 7th have runners on 1st and 2nd one out Taylor lines into DP. And in bottom of 8 th Juggs with two out get 3 walks to load bases but Seager pops out to RF for 3rd out . Top off 9th Juggs cling to 4-3 lead . Swarzack brought in to close it out gets Ozuna on a K but Gordon singles. Juggs bring in Bradley to face turner and he singles also Stanton then doubles in Gordon . Tie game 4-4 one out runners on second and 3rd trout the hits into classic LDP ends inning. Bottom of 9th . Davis shutdown Juggs . Top off 10 Juggs are at their last reliever Robertson who came in vs trout previous inning . Sanchez pop to first , gardener pop to first , Andrus single, Mauer up hit and run 14 , Andrus then CS . Juggs bottom of 10th vs Davis schoop k, Springer boom 66-1 Davis doesn’t turn it back Juggs win nail biter 5-4 . Juggs used all 6 available relievers, Albers was still on 2 games rest from game 4 . Bastards used 5 relievers .

Manager Tim