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Wahoos-Juggs Battle

Wahoos and Juggs have pitching dominated series . Game one Verlander throws a one hit shutout  complete game for the win 2-0 . He allowed 2 walks in first inning with two outs , that and Ahmed double in bottom of second were the only base runners for Juggs . He also had 7 strikeouts. Minor threw a respectable game for Juggs 8 innings 2 runs only 1 earned, 3 hits, one homer , solo shot by Altuve in top of 4th , 2 walks 4 ks, top of 9th altuve got a lead off single then got to 3rd when Muncy made an error putting Aguilar on first , Bradley then in to face Arenado who hit into a DP but Altuve scored the unearned run . Wahoos 2/4/0 Juggs 0/1/1. Game 2: Kluber for wahoos. Sabathia for Juggs. Bottom of first Juggs score two runs with two outs , Votto single, Muncy single, Winker rbi single, judge rbi single, lowrie walk , Ahmed third out . Juggs up 2-0 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs score any 3 downgrading Kluber , with one out Winker double, judge walk, lowrie flyout, Ahmed 3 run homer , Juggs up 5-0. Top 4th Arenado lead off double left stranded at second. Bottom of 4th with two outs Votto single, judge single but Winker makes 3rd out . Juggs still up 5-0 . Top of 5th Benintendi lead off single, Maldonado two run homer  . Juggs up 5-2 . Top 6th Reyes lead off single , markakis walk, next two batters k, Maldonado strikes again with rbi double. Juggs up 5-3 and hang on two win 5-3 , Sabathia gets win going 6.2 innings, Oh came in top of 9th to gain a save . Villar was caught stealing only for the 4th time this season and only the second time going for second, D34 – catcher +6 and pitcher +1 = 27, 53 or under is safe rolls 54 . Wahoos 3/8/0 Juggs 5/11/1  Muncy second error of series. Game 3: Cole for wahoos. Gonzales for Juggs. Top of first Marte lead off double, Altuve walk, Aguilar K, Arenado walk fills bases . Reyes 38 result Catcher gets fielding one goes to RP board goes to 19 third base Muncy a 3 ,only fielding one will get a DP need a 16 roll or less , get a 16 , for the DP ends inning. Top 2nd Markakis rolls 66=0 his only 0 , second column rolls 26=1 homer . Wahoos up 1-0 . Bottom second, Winker lead off double, Ahmed two out homer , but Cole +23 makes it an rbi double, game tied 1-1 . Bottom of third Votto two out homer Juggs up 2-1 . Top 4th Reyes homer turned back to double with one out , Semien two out rbi double scores Reyes , Benintendi rbi single, wahoos up 3-2 . Bottom 4th Winker lead off single, Villar PR , steals Second uses last steal attempt for regular season. Ahmed HBP with two outs , but  PH Grichuk flyout for 3rd out . Wahoos still up 3-2 . Top of 9th Bradley in second inning of relief, Markakis double semien single, Benintendi sac fly rbi to RF . Wahoos win 4-2 Cole win , Brasier save closed out bottom of 9th . Wahoos 4/10/0 Juggs 2/5/0 . Juggs complete 3rd quarter stand at 39-33 .

Manager Tim

Lymebees Juggs

This series was the most stressful but yet also the most fun series yet this season. Game 1 Hendricks on the mound for visiting Bees , Gonzales for Juggs. Bottom of first Juggs jump all over Hendricks, Smith in lead off spot as DH gets a double, Peralta rbi single, Votto double, Peralta holds at 3rd , Muncy k, judge walk fills bases , Hicks rbi walk , Lowrie hits into a DP. Juggs up 2-0 . Top 3rd Bees runners 1st and 2nd  one out Mondesi hits into DP. Bottom 3rd Votto solo homer Juggs up 3-0. Top 4th cano one out double left stranded. Top 5th Andujar one out single Hernandez two out double scores him. 3-1 juggs. Bottom of 5th and 7th smith will steal second only to be left there . Top 8th Yelich two out single cano hit and run single Yelich to 3rd , Hernandez pulled after 9 batters sat first 7 down, Hirano in throws a WP scoring Yelich, but Cano thrown out at 3rd for final out . Bees down 3-2 . Hirano still in Zunino single, Laureano single, Pham line out , Oh in now for Juggs , Andujar rips rbi double game tied 3-3 , Olson then cracks a 3 run homer Bees up 6-3 . Bottom 9th two outs , Leclerc going for save since he faced last batter of 8th struck out first two in bottom of 9th , but hits Iglesias then walks Grichuk, Voit in to PH for Smith rolls a 15 =8 for final out and Bees win . Smith would have had an 11 single there . Leclerc gets save McFarland win for Bees . Hirano loss for Juggs . Bees 6/10/1. Juggs 3/5/0 . Game 2 : lefty Snell (25 1XY 0 +24) for Bees . Chacin for Juggs. Bottom of first Juggs score two judge walk followed by Voit homer . Top 2nd Bees answer right back Hosmer double Chapman homer , they can still score more runners on 1st and 2nd one out but Puig hits into DP. Game tied 2-2 . Bottom 3rd Voit lead off single will be knocked in by Smith two out double. Juggs up 3-2 . Top 4th Bees bat 9 and crush chacin for 5 ER all with two outs , Hosmer walk , Chapman grounder to second, Torres grounder to second, Hernandez two run homer , Zunino single, Puig single, Yelich rbi single, Andujar two run triple , Bees up 7-3 . Juggs ready to let Chacin eat this game . Top 5th Bees get another run up 8-3 . Bottom 5th two out double by Donaldson Grichuk rbi single Bees up 8-4 . Bottom 7th one out judge solo shot off Snell, Voit walk, Grichuk two out homer knocked down to double by Snell scores Voit 8-6 Bees, Snell pulled, Crick in Peralta PH for Iglesias rbi single scores Grichuk, Bees lead cut to one run , Villar PR for Peralta steals second, Votto PH for Smith , lefty Alvarado in to face Votto gets him . Bees up 8-7. Chacin goes 7 ip 8 ER 12 hits . Top 8th oh faces Zunino, two base error by springer no outs , Hernandez in gets 3 outs end inning. Top 9th Upton single off Hernandez no outs , Juggs bullpen exhausted, Carasco makes Relief appearance gets next three batters out . Bottom of 9th Juggs down 8-7 , Alvarado still in judge flyout left , Voit k two outs , Fields brought in to face Donaldson, Muncy PH walk Grichuk 66=1  2 run homer off Fields Juggs win 9-7 in miraculous come from behind win . Grichuk 3/5 with 4 rbi , single, double and a homer . Hernandez for Bees 3/4 with 3 rbi homer and two singles. Bees 8/13/1. Juggs 9/9/1. Game 3 : will be another nail biter. Clevinger for Bees. Wood for Juggs. Top 1st Mondesi leads off game with a 4 double but wood makes it a 7 single, left him at first. Bottom 1st Peralta one out double gets to 3rd on PH but can’t score . Top second Pham lead off walk , Laureano HBP, Contreras rbi single, Chapman k, Olson walk fills bases Mondesi hits his second DP of Series. Bees up 1-0 . Bottom 2nd Hicks on first Mondesi error with one out , lowrie walk , both stranded. Top of 3rd Yelich to first on Muncy error no outs ,Cano goes to RP  board where Hicks makes a running catch but slams into the wall and injured for 3 games. Yelich tags to second , one out ,with two outs Pham will get an rbi single, Bees up 2-0. Top 4th Chapman lead off double , with one out Mondesi will roll a 5 ( potentially two run homer) but becomes a 7 against wood , then Yelich hits into a DP no runs scored. Bottom of 6th Muncy homer but Clevinger +16 makes it a lead off double, Judge rolls a 0 but a 17 pitcher with runner on second makes it a 7 single, runners 1st and 3rd no outs ,Clevinger done . Bees bring in relief and get next 3 batters no runs for Juggs. Bees up 2-0 . Bottom of 8th Votto lead off walk , Villar PR Leclerc into face Muncy 66=1 , Leclerc +56 can’t stop it 2 run homer ties game 2-2 . Bottom of 9th still tied 2-2 , Leclerc lead off walk to Barnhart, Molina PR , Smith HBP , Peralta walk fills bases no outs , Donaldson k one out , Muncy up negative control Leclerc pulled, Crick in to face Muncy 18 +14/+43 , one out bases full , Bees play close , Muncy Roll 62=22 not HBP roll Again 62 =22 to catcher Bees have Zunino in 9 catcher, must roll fielding one to prevent runner on 3rd from scoring winning run , 56 or less Bees drop one die , IT IS a 6 errror catcher runner scores Juggs win another come from behind game 3-2 . Bees 2/7/2. Juggs 3/5/2. Bradley who finished game gets the win 1.1 ip 4 batters faced 3 strikeouts. Juggs are now 38-31 and only need to play Mike to finish 3rd quarter . Thank you to John for being a good sport in a crazy series.

Manager Tim

ABs vs. Bees

Game 1; Hamels vs Ray; Trout hits 2 run HR in 1st, Bees score 1 run in 1st and tie game at 2 in 2nd, Bastards get Mauer sac fly for a run in 4th, Bees tie game at 3 in 5th, scoreless till top of 10th back to back doubles give Bastards the lead and they hold on to win 4-3

Game 2; Wheeler vs Bumgarner; Bastards get 2 runs in 1st, Bees would get 4 unearned runs in 5th with Puig hitting a 2 out 3 run homer, Bees would add 1 more in 6th as Bees win 5-2

Game 3; Miley vs Hendricks; Bastards git 2 run HR form Grandal in 2nd, Bees tie game in bottom of 9th with 2 unearned runs and Andujar hits lead off walk off HR in 13th as Bees win 3-2

Lymebees record at 34-29

Stars at Juggs

Juggs end losing streak at home . After losing 6 in a row . Juggs open series at home with a win over stars . Juggs will win first two of the 3 game series. Game 1: Degrom throws a very good complete game for the Stars but can’t get the run support to win . Degrom 8 ip 3 hits 3 runs 1 earned run 2 HR BB 1 SO 6 . Degrom turned back at least 4 walks and a lot of hits . Minor went 6.1 no earned runs to get the win . Wood came in top of 9th with 2outs and runner on first to end stars rally after 2 runs scored on Oh in relief. Wood Ks Kemp for the save as Juggs win 3-2 . Stars started game with bases full one out in top of first but Ramos hit into a DP. Juggs left bases full in bottom of 3rd with 2 outs . Juggs big inning came bottom of 6th , Votto one out solo shot , Muncy gets to first when Carpenter makes a two out error at second, Judge then hits a two run homer . Juggs up 3-0 . Top of 7th stars have runners 1st and 2nd one out but Gennett hits into a DP . Top of ninth Stars try and come back , Sanchez PH single with one out , Ramos po Center out #2, Carpenter rbi double, Gennett rbi single , Kemp strikeout . Juggs win 3-2 stars 2R 8H 2E, Juggs 3R 3H 0E . Game 2: Carasco for Juggs out pitches Morton for Stars. Carrasco 9 ip 5 hits 0runs 0 walks 12 strikeouts. CG shutout for win . Juggs win 4-0 and should have blown game wide open with the number of base runners we left stranded. Morton only pitched 1.2 innings and Alverez, Chapman and Lugo did the rest . Juggs scores first in bottom of 2nd Winker lead off walk , with two outs Suárez makes error putting Muncy on first Winker to second. Molina rolls 11=5 normally a triple but Morton as 16 makes it a 7 single rbi. , smith infield single fills bases , Morton pulled . Alverez will k PH Judge for 3rd out . Bottom of 3rd Alverez walks Votto Muncy and Winker no outs,but Hicks K and Lowrie has a hit number turned into a DP . Bottom of 4th Molina HR turned back to a one out double by Alverez, Smith up Alverez pulled after 8 batters , Chapman in , Springer PH for smith, singles, Iglesias PR for Molina goes to 3rd , Chapman WP scores Iglesias and Springer to 3rd , Judge rbi double, Votto k, Muncy 5-3 ends inning, Juggs up 3-0 . Bottom of 5th Chapman walks 3 batters loads bases with two outs , is pulled Lugo in to face springer and gets the k for 3rd out . Muncy two out solo shot in bottom of 6th 4-0 Juggs will win by that score . Juggs 11 base runners stranded that game. Stars 0/5/1 Juggs 4/7/0 . 7 walks . Game 3 Stars take out their Frustration on Sabathia, crushing him for 12 hits 9 ER and 2 HR . Kershaw gets plenty of run support for the easy win 12-3 . Star open game with single, double, single rbi, single rbi, Ramos DP, Gurriel single rbi, Kemp Two run homer Bader flyout. 5-0 stars top of 3rd stars get another 3 runs of Sabathia with two outs , Gurriel double, Kemp rbi single, Bader two run homer , 8-0 stars . Top of 5th Sabathia allows another run , 9-0 stars , top of 6th stars score again off Bradley in relief. 10-0 stars .juggs finally score bottom of 6th , Winker double, Voit will hit to Kemp in RF Two base error scores Winker . Stars up 10-1 . Bottom of 7th Kershaw gives up lead off double to Votto and is pulled for Lugo,, Lugo gets lowrie for 1st out , but walks Barnhart, then gives up rbi single to smith scoring Votto, Kershaws only earned run . Iglesias fc rbi. Stars up 10-3. Stars score two more top of 8th , Cron on by Donaldson error, Marte two run homer 11=5 . ( marte lost his 3 vs Sabathia as a 4 in first inning became a 7 with runners on 1st and 3rd would have been a triple) stars win 12-3 . Stars 12/15/2 Juggs 3/8/3 . Juggs now 36-30 need to play Mike and John

Manager Tim

Elims Soar to 1st

Juggs continue losing streak at 6 in a row. Juggs travel to Eliminators, get swept and out rolled again. Had same results against Steve in prior series. Game 1 Juggs 6runs 11 hits 0 errors Sabathia loss. Elims 13 runs 17 hits 0 errors. Syndegard 8 ip win . Harper 3/5 2 doubles, 3 run homer . Castellanos 1/5 3 run homer . Game 2 : Gonzales loss  Juggs 2 runs 7 hits 0 errors, Elims Buehler win 7 ip 2ER . Elims 7 runs 8 hits 0 errors. Harper 1/4 two run homer . Rosario PH 3 run homer . Gomes 2/3 double, solo homer. Game 3 : chacin loss Juggs 2 runs 6 hits 0 errors. Taillon win Elims 4 runs 12 hits 1 error. Votto 1/3 solo homer 2 walks .Harper 1/3 solo homer two walks . Top of 9th Elims winning 4-2 . Springer walk , Cron PH walk , Ahmed pop catcher , Hicks k two outs , Mchugh pulled after 8 batters faced . smith in to face Votto , walk Bases full. Muncy flyout Center. Only competitive game of series. Juggs now 34-29.

Manager Tim