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Juggs – Heads

Game 1 sale for heads , carasco for Juggs . Top 6th Iglesias one out single, Voit hit and run result a 1 double runners scores Juggs up 1-0 . Bottom of 7th kinsler one out single steals second, realmuto rbi double. Game tied 1-1 . Top 9th Muncy gets a one out PH two run homer off Perez Juggs hold on to win 3-1 Hernandez goes 2.2 in relief for the win. Game 2 chacin for Juggs , Folty for Heads . Bottom first story lead off walk , JD Martinez two out rbi single. Heads up 1-0 , top 3rd Juggs get 4 ,Ahmed lead off double, Barnhart sac Ahmed to third , smith rbi double, Votto rbi double, Muncy two run homer . Juggs up 4-1 . Bottom of 3rd heads answer back Gallo 3 run homer ties game 4-4 , top 6th lowrie rbi double Juggs 5-4. Juggs top off 7th get free run with a rare play 4 base error by CF JD Martinez Juggs up 6-4 . Bottom of 7th heads get an unearned run because of chacin error . Juggs still up 6-5 and win by that score . Game 3 . Heads go ballistic on Juggs starter Minor and reliever Bradley, for 19 hits and 14 runs with 6 homers . 3 by Gallo , a solo a two run bang and a three run bomb . He hit into a DP with runners on first and third no outs in first , but went 4-4 3 homers 6 rbi and 4 runs scored after . Juggs lose 14-4 . Top of first Juggs go up 3-0 Iglesias single Voit another hit and run result =1 double runner scores then judge two run homer . Heads get 2 bottom of first , 4 bottom of 3rd , one in 5th , 4 in 6th , one in 7th , Juggs one top of 8th , heads two more bottom of 8th . Juggs had 8 hits in the loss . Juggs now 41-34 . Lemonheads 44-37

Lemonheads Sour

Lemonheads sour at Basher stadium: Juggs get a hard fought sweep at home . Game 1 : Wood starts for Juggs . Story lead off single top 1st Jose Martinez will single him home with one out .juggs answer with a Votto one out solo shot off starter Greinke. 1-1 . Top 4th Gallo 2 out solo shot off wood . Lemonheads 2-1 . Top 5th Hernandez one out double, Story will single him home with 2 outs . Lemonheads up 3-1. Bottom of 7th Juggs rally to tie game . Greinke is pulled after 6ip. Blier lefty comes in bottom 7th to face lead off Hicks . Smith PH for Hicks . Smith double. Iglesias to Ph for Gennett. Blier pulled. Cishek in . Iglesias lays down a bunt sacrifice. Smith to 3rd one out . Dejong rolls a 33=6 cishek +31 can’t stop it , 2 run homer ties game . Barnhart walk . Peralta hit run 13 . Barnhart A6 steal attempt lemons roll a 15 but cishek +2 move gets him out . Peralta hits a double on next pitch Votto ground out to end inning. Tied game 3-3 . Hirano comes in top off 8th shutdown lemonheads 8th and 9th . Bottom of 9th. Smith to lead off Rodriguez comes in for lemons 17 righty +31+31. Smith -2 vs righty makes Rodriguez a 19 . Smith rolls a 51=10 single. Lowrie walk . Dejong single fills bases no outs . Barnhart. Rbi single to win game . Hirano win . Juggs 4-3 . Juggs 9 hits no errors. Lemonheads 7 hits 1 error.

Game 2: Juggs start Gonzales. Lemons start Foltynewicz. Top 1st Blackmon second batter gets a one out solo shot. JD Martinez 2 out single gallo scores him with 2b. 2-0 lemons. Bottom of 1st . Smith lead off single, Peralta single H&R =31. Votto single rbi . Smith scores. Peralta to 3rd . Stassi PB Peralta scores Votto to second. Muncy Winker Hicks all k . Tied 2-2 . Bottom of 3rd Votto on base by freese error with one out then Muncy gets on error CF JD Martinez. Winker flyout second out . Hicks rbi single scores Votto. Gennett walk Dejong flyout ends inning. Juggs up 3-2 . Bottom of 4th juggs score again. Molina lead off double villar will PR . Smith attempted sac pop up to pitcher. One out runner on second. Peralta rbi single. Muncy will get on with 2 outs error stassi Winker flyout end inning. Juggs up 4-2 . Top of 5th story lead off single, moved to second blackmon hit and run out. Then Jose Martinez lines into a DP. Bottom of 6th Juggs have runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 out but Muncy k for 3rd out . Top of 7th lead of single by freese gets Gonzales pulled for Buchter. Buchter will get 10 straight outs to close out game for save . Gonzales win . Juggs win 4-2 Juggs 11 hits one error. Lemons 8 hits 3 errors.

Game 3: Minor on mound for Juggs. Corbin for lemons. Story leads of with a single. Attempting steal Juggs need a high 6 roll . Roll a 66 story caught stealing. 2 more outs minor makes it out of first inning. Top of second lemons strike first . JD Martinez lead off single, Gallo single. Albies flyout. Freese gets on by pitchers error runners advance 2 bases Martinez scores . Hernandez get an rbi FC . Scores Gallo. Stassi k ends inning. Lemons up2-0 . Top of 3rd story gets a lead off solo shot only score for lemons that inning lemons up 3-0 . Juggs threaten in bottom of 3rd . Barnhart 2 out single. Smith hits a double Barnhart trying to score gets thrown out at home . Bottom of 4th Juggs rally . Iglesias lead off single springer single Iglesias to 3rd on JD error . 1st and 3rd no outs. Voit rbi single scores Iglesias. Runners on first and second no outs . Judge k , Muncy k , Votto HBP loads bases  . Gennett up gets hit with fastball HBP rbi .barnhat ground out to end inning. Lemons up 3-2 . Top of 5th lemons get lead off double from Hernandez but can’t get him in . Chavez come in that inning to face story with one out . K him . Blackmon ground out . Chavez will stay in game and shutdown lemonheads for 4.2 innings and gets the win . Juggs rally in bottom of 9th for victory. Cishek bottom of 9th faces lead off Votto. Votto walks , Villar in to PR . Gennett up cishek pulled . Sipp in 23 2x +12/+54 lefty . Gennett k one out . Molina up . Villar steals second. Juggs take a big chance steal Villar to 3rd .hes safe . This makes Molina 8’s good . But he rolls a 33=6 and sipp +54 can’t keep it in the Park .molina one out 2 run homer for Juggs come from behind win and a sweep 🧹. Juggs Win 5-3 have 8 hits one error. Lemons 5 hits one error. Juggs now 23-14 record. Looking to play tomorrow Sunday.  Bob had no luck this series.

Manager Tim


Juggs travels to lemons for exciting 3 game series . Juggs start all lefties. Game 1 . Gonzales for Juggs goes 5.2 ip but can’t get the win . Juggs start strong scoring 5 ER in first two innings off lemon starter Foltynewicz. Top 1 smith lead off ground out , Peralta walk , Votto flyout off hit number (8) , Winker HBP, Muncy rbi single ,Hicks rbi single , Gennett flyout ends inning. Juggs 2-0 . Top off 2 . Dejong k , Molina double, Smith flyout, Peralta rbi double, Votto 2 run homer , Winker po c. Juggs 5-0 . Foltynewicz downgraded to a 12 . Bottom of 2 gallo lead off solo shot , runners stranded on 1st and second. 5-1 Juggs . Bottom of 3rd lemons start comeback. Blackmon lead off single , Martinez single , JD Martinez walk , bases loaded no outs , Gallo rolls a 5 but Gonzales as an 11 makes it a single (7) instead of a double, still 2 runs score, runners on 1st and 3rd no outs , but a flyout to strong arm center Hicks , a k and a 1-3 po end the inning. Juggs 5-3. Bottom of 4 Gennett makes one of his two errors for game leading to another lemon run . 5-4 Juggs . Bottom of 6 th freese lead off double kindler PR , stasis k , one out , story hits grounder to Gennett and he throws wild to first scoring kinsler and story to second Blackmon ground out , two outs Martinez up Gonzales pulled . Oh comes in gets third out . Tied game 5-5. Juggs bounce back top 8 th Winker one out single off blier lefty took (0) to 7 . Villar PR steals second , Muncy k, Hicks hits grounder to kinsler and he makes a two base error villar scores . Juggs 6-5 . Oh pitches a solid 2.1 innings no runs . Bottom 9 Juggs still lead 6-5 . Story up , Chavez comes in for a save opportunity. Boom 66 homerun game tied . Chavez then settles down and pitches 4 innings to get the win when judge hits a two out solo homer in top of 12th . Juggs win 7-6. Each team had 10 hits . Juggs had 3 errors lemons only one .   Game 2 Juggs start off hot smith lead off single Winker scores him rbi single with one out , Votto walked ahead at Winker so runners on 1st and second , Muncy hits into a 5-5 -3 double play . Juggs 1-0 . Top 2 Dejong two run homer , Juggs 3-0 . But bottom of second lemons bat around for 5 runs only two earned as Muncy and Molina both commit errors. Albies had an rbi triple that inning. Juggs down 3-5 .top off 4th Juggs come back hitting starter Barria hard . Lead off walk by Hicks, Hit and run with Gennett costs us a homer , his 5 homer now is a single fast runner scores . Dejong k, Molina walk, Smith two rbi triple, Peralta fly to left, Votto walk, two outs first and third , Barria pulled for Chad Green. Winker flyout to Center ends inning. Juggs up 6-5 . Juggs add a run in 5th , 6th and 7th . Juggs 9-5 will hold score to win in 9 innings. Lemons manage only 2 hits after second inning . Minor gets win for Juggs Oh gets a save . Juggs 11 hits and 3 errors again, Lemons 5 hits 2 errors.     Game 3 . Wood against Corbin . Lemons bottom of first have runners on the corners with one out JD Martinez hits into a double play . Top second Corbin +26 turns back Springer homer . Bottom of 3rd lemons breakout for 4 runs off five hits . Lemons up 4-0. Top 4th Muncy solo shot , lemons 4-1 , Juggs top 6th 3 runs off 5 hits Cron homer turned back by Corbin . Game tied 4-4 , lemons get game winning score in bottom of 7th . Lemons win 5-4  . Juggs 8 hits one error . Lemons 10 hits no errors may win in relief sipp save

Manager Tim


2018 Championship Series – Determined

Juggs take game 5 at Lemons for a 3-2 series lead . Lemons jump to 2-0 lead on Duvall two run shot bottom of 2nd. Juggs tie in 4th . But lemons Duvall again 2 run homer bottom of 5th . 4-2 lemons . Juggs get one back 7th but lemons also get one in bottom 7th. 5-3 lemons . Juggs score one run in 8th 9th and 10th to win game . Juggs hit 5 homers all five turned back to doubles . Juggs win game 6-5 in ten.

Juggs get crushed in game 6 . Home field meant nothing as Stroman pitched a 2 hit shutout. Gonzalez avoided all kinds of trouble for first five then gives up two run shot to gallo (3for3 single double HR and a walk ) 2-0 lemons top of 6th . They score 5 more in 7th . Win 7-0.

Manager Tim

Game 7

Heads score 3 top 2nd on Duvall 2ebi 3B and Realmuto RBI 1b. Juggs score 3 in 5th on Springer RBI 2B, Molina PH RBI 1B and DeJong PH Sac Fly. Juggs get a solo HR from Votto in 7th vs +42 Gearrin. Teammates bail him out in the 8th with a Blackmon 10 single vs a 19, he steals 2nd on a botched Murphy H&R, Murphy rolls a HR that gets turned back, Kinsler pinch runs, JD rolls a homer that gets turned back but gives Heads the lead. Gearrin gets thru the 8th and Green slams the door in the 9th for the Lemonheads 2nd OOTL title!!

It was an Instant Classic series. 

Duvall 6-24, 2b, 3b, 4runs, 10rbi, and 2 2hr games. 

Bob Boyd
OOTL 2018 Champions

2018 Championship Series – Deadlocked

Lemons and Juggs tied at 2 games a piece. Lemons win game 1 2-0 at Juggs . Juggs win game 2 5-3 at home . Game 3 at Lemons Juggs win 9-0 . Game 4 at Lemons Juggs lose 3-2 , that game tied 2-2 top of 5th Juggs load bases no outs . Judge rolls a 24 result only one on card , Lemons were playing close , but roll fielding 3 so only one out at home plate . Donaldson up next gets a 27 3b play result, DP . Unbelievable. Juggs mentally broke after that . Bottom of 5th 2 outs . Neshek in +43 vs homers gives up homer to Jose Martinez. Lemons take 3-2 lead and hold it for win . Juggs did have a two out PH double by Dejong, Hicks up next , but Juggs debate PH K Seager he has a 0 at 22 Hicks only an 8 . But Hicks has a better chance to get on base so I talk myself out of it . Yep I roll a 22 which would have been a 0 but taken to 7 by pitcher . But Dejong would have most likely scored to tie it . 😑. Juggs travel to Lemons next Sunday to finish up series.

Manager Tim