Shooting Stars II vs. Arrogant Bastards

Game 1  DeGrom vs. Hamels

First four innings have hits scattered and only threat from the Stars in the first, but no ones scored. Santana with a triple, but stranded there in the third.

Top of five, Kemp lead-off homer turned back into a double. McKenry says, “OH NO YOU DON’T” and smacks a two-run shot that holds up. 2-0 Stars until the bottom of the inning in which the Bastards get two runs on a Turner double scoring Longoria and Santana to tie it up.

Morneau sacrifice fly in the 7th scores Pence for a Stars one-run lead. Bottom of the 9th, two outs: solo shot by Longoria puts us into extra innings.

Top of ten, Morneau hits a HR, TURNED back into a double.  Carpenter sacs him to third. Pedroia tries a sac attempt but a fielder’s choice results. Runner out at home for the second out. CUDDYER says that doesn’t work. Signal is given for the hit-and-run with Pedroia on first. He smacks a double scoring Pedroia and the Stars shut down the Bastards 1-2-3 in the bottom of the inning.

Stars win 4-3.

Game 2 Fiers vs. Roark

Stars bats are cold in this one with the only scoring threat in the first with two on and one out. No run production at all. Roark and bullpen scatter 6 hits and 8 Ks for the win.

Ortiz scores two runs, hits a double and a homer.  Bastards only other run was scored in the 7th by McDonald pinch-running for Panik.

Bastards Win 3-0.


Stars come home for the next two games. Fister and the entire bullpen are used in this 16-inning classic. The Bastards use 6 pitchers as well.

Stars get a run in the first inning with Crisp scoring on Cervelli’s fielder’s choice. Pedroia rips a HR in the 5th to make it 2-0 Stars.

Bastards get a run in the 8th to cut the lead to 1. Then with 2 outs in the 9th, Suzuki gets a single to tie the game.

Top of 11th with TWO outs AGAIN, Bastards get an unearned run to take the lead. However, the Stars tie it in the bottom of the inning with two singles by Pagan and Morneau.

Bottom of 12, PENCE hits game winning HR. WAIT, TURNED BACK. He does not score on lead-off double.

13th, 14th, 15th were non-eventful. In the 16th, the Bastards get two runs  on doubles by Suzuki and Turner and a single by Santana. Stars get a double play to end the long game.

Bastards WIN the classic in 16 innings, 4-3.

Game 4 – Stars home again – Hammel vs. Lynn

Stanton blasts a HR for the Bastards in the 2nd, but they only muster 3 hits the rest of the game. Stars get a two-run shot by Morneau and Pagan knocks home a third run scored by Kemp in the 4th.

Lynn goes 8 innings. Chapman comes in to the 9th and SLAMS the door.

Stars win 3-1.   Series all tied up going to game 5.

Game 5 – REMATCH of STARS ON THE ROAD – DeGrom vs. Hamels

Stars waste no time in this game. Cuddyer rips a solo shot in the first, followed by a double by Peralta and a TWO RUN SHOT by the “TODD FATHER”.

McKenry leads off the second with a double and later scores on a sac by Holt. Stars get three singles the next three innings and bats go ice cold.

Stanton rips a HR in the 4th to cut the lead to 4-1. 6th inning, Turner leads off with a double. Two walks later, bases loaded. Putnam records the final out by Martin and the threat ends.

Bastards get a one-out HR in the 8th. Wait, turned back, but he scores on a Stanton double. Ortiz K’s to end the 8th.

Hughes comes in to the 9th and closes it out 1-2-3 to retire the Champs’ season and record the first Wild Card Series Win for the Shooting Stars.

Stars win 4-2.

This series is the best series I have played for a long time and ranks up there with the WORLD SERIES against the Asian Tsunamis.

Both teams score 14 runs. Stars hit 8 HRs with 3 turned back; one, a game winner in Game 3. Bastards hit 5 HRs with one turned back.

Fun fact: 3 of 4 HRs turned back scored anyway. The one that did not was a game winner.

Bastards had 19 additional extra-base hits not including the HRs; Stars had just 10.
Stars K’d 45 times; Bastards 47.

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