Lemonheads at Arrogant Bastards

Game 1
Anderson v Karns.  AB’s get 1st and 3rd no outs in the 1st and bust a DP by Agone for a 1-0 lead. Former AB Walker jacks a solo shot in the 3rd to tie it. Russell Martin homers in the 4th for a 2-1 AB’s lead.  W/ 1 out in the 5th Fielder gets a gift (-15) BB and later scores on a 2-out Duffy single.  Game goes 12 where the Heads score 2 to win it 4-2 as Hechevarria hits a 2 run homer.   Winner Young; loser Melancon; save Lopez.
Game 2
Greinke v Hamels. LH get an RBI single from Shaw in the 1st. AB’s tie it in the 5th after a Russell double and an Owings error at 2nd on a RP (I think). Panik (who hit the ball) is thrown out at 3rd on the  scoring 2-6-5-4-5. Game goes to the 10th where the AB’s get a Swihart single and error on JD in left.  W/ Swihart at 2nd, Gardner tries to SAC and drops a 33 for 2 strikes.  W/ Gardner still SAC’ing he rolls a 33-0 (FUCKING AGAIN) for a good second column 6 – GOOD SAC!!!  Awesome.
Pillar does follow w/ an 8 single vs. a plus 20 pitcher to win the game. Win Davis; loss Greinke.
Game 3
Odorozzi v Scherzer.  AB’s get 2nd/3rd no outs then load the bases but get nothing in the 1st.  Trout hits a solo HR in the 3rd. Fielder knocks in Blackmon on a ground out to tie the game 1-1 in 4th.  In the 5th, Trout leads off w/ a BB, gets picked off, and tossed from the game.  Gardner BB’s and gets thrown out stealing (63 or higher)…whatever.  Peralta and Fielder hit back-to-back HR’s w/ 2 outs in the 6th. Heads win 3-1.  Odorozzi wins; save Lopez; loss Scherzer.

AB’s go 1 for 21 in the series w/ RISP. Heads went 3 for 14.
AB’s 23-22 at the midpoint.
Team is hitting .207 but a whole 4 points higher w/ RISP at .211.
No one wants any part of being clutch by knocking in runs when an opportunity arises.

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