#3 Seed Analysis

Sometimes it’s good therapy to get things down on paper. From top to bottom this may have been the best Bastards team I’ve fielded.

While I made two trades, one for the future and another for the present and future, the pieces were there to contend for another title. But as a fan, an athlete and game player this current Bastards run seems to fall right in line with it all…get one title.
Rams in 1999 – should have one at least one more
Phillies in 2008 – had a chance to win 2 or even 3 more
Over 40 baseball – 5 years, 1 title, 3 championship game losses to the Phillies and the one title was the year the a Phillies weren’t in the league…go figure
My current softball team – 1 title but the last 2 seasons failure in the championship round
Bastards 2014 – title, but last year I ran into a great team coupled with a rolling BDUB and this year I just simply didn’t get things done v the Juggs.

But hey 1 is better than none. I’m the only team to go to the playoffs in each of the last 6 years. I have work to do at the draft but I hope to make it 7 in a row next year. Yes, you will all hear me bitch about the travesty that is Mike Trout’s card compared to the multitude of stiffs that will be drafted but it is what it is.

Good luck to Tim and Bob in the World Series…my money is on a lot of HR’s being hit to produce runs.

And lastly – the 2nd and 3rd board with less than 2 outs and play result of 23-12 can absolutely positively eat shit. The last 4 times I’ve played it’s happened 5 times…I lined into 4 of those 5 DP’s.

Ok I’m better now. Take care everyone.

Manager Steve

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