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Speakers Host Juggs

Speakers get some revenge on Juggs . Speakers win first 2 easily. Game 1 Mikolas goes the distance for speakers first win of series gives up 5 hits and only 1 run . Speakers win game 5-1 . But Gennett keeps hitting streak alive at 7 games . Gennett 2/3 rbi , 2b. Homer turned back. Hicks scored on the double. Speakers had 11 hits . 9 hitter Simmons 3/3 , 2 runs , 2b. Haniger 2 run homer. Neither team made an error. Voit makes debut for Juggs and goes 0-4 with a k . Sabathia loss. Game 2 .speakers win a close game 4-2 . Wood gets the loss price the win . Juggs had 4 hits and an error. Voit finally gets a hit on his 8th plate appearance of series a solo homer in top of 9th .  Speakers had 10 hits . Simmons again in the ninth spot reaches base every plate appearance. Single, walk, HBP , error . Juggs have one error speakers none .  Gennett hitting streak snapped with a PH out.Game 3 : juggs finally start hitting. Generate 12 hits for a 7-3 win . Juggs pull starter minor after only 2 innings. Minor gave up a two run homer to Machado in bottom of second. Gave speakers a 2-1 lead . Juggs Muncy had solo homerun in top of second. Top of 3rd smith singles gets to 2nd on Iglesias 6-3 out . Voit then singles him in . Game tied 2-2 . Bottom of 3rd Betts lead off single, minor pulled for Chavez . Chavez goes 4.1 for the win . Hirano finished last 2.2 innings of game . Speakers manage only one more run in bottom of 7th . Springer Has a career day for the record books . First at bat walk . Then Springer hits three consecutive homers all 66-1. Top 4th , top 5th , top 8th , last at bat in 9th rolled a 63 . Top of 9th Jordan Hicks turned back , consecutive homers by Iglesias and Voit . Voit 2/5 2rbi, 2b. Speakers had 7 hits in the loss and an error. Juggs currently 17-13 record

Manager Tim

Juggs Sweep

Juggs opened the 2019 season at Bastards and swept them . Bastards traveled to Juggs and Juggs throw exact same rotation as earlier series. Well the Bastards were not happy , as the home team Juggs field custodians started handing out brooms to the fans , to wave in the ninth inning of game . To signal another sweep . Juggs win game 1 , 4-1 Muncy was 2/3 ,3 runs ,1 rbi, 2b, HR, BB . Gennett was 2/3 , 2rbi.gennet had a 5 turned into a 7 which instead of a 3 run homer became a rbi single .  Trout homerun was only score for Bastards. Both teams had 6 hits . Juggs 2 errors. Game 2 Juggs win 6-2 carasco goes 6.1 for win wheeler takes the loss. Gennett 2/4 rbi. Molina 2/4 2rbi 2b , HR. Juggs 11 hits . Bastards 4 hits 1 error. Game 3 Gonzales CG win , Wright gets loss. Turner lead off homer in top of first is Bastards only hit and only run . As Juggs hit away for a 10-1 win on 11 hits . Each team had 1 error. Juggs error gave Bastards their only other guy that got on base (2). Smith led off the bottom of 1st with a triple second of series. Votto doubles him in , then Muncy 2 run homer . Juggs take lead 3-1 and cruise from there . Gennett 1/3 sac rbi. Hicks 2/4 3 rbi. homer turned to double and a two rbi triple. Muncy also had a 2 run homer . Note : As Stanton was leaving field he took a Broom from Juggs Fan and broke it in half lol. Juggs record 16-13.

Manager Tim