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Speakers Avoid The Plague

Game 1 – The Speakers use a 2-out Kenta Maeda wild pitch immediately followed by a James McCann passed ball to score Mookie Betts in the top of the 1st. Anthony Rizzo doubles the lead by connecting (2) to lead off the 4th.

A 2-out Betts walk precedes a pair of singles in the 5th. Manny Machado’s 9 plates Betts for a 3-0 lead. A pair of 2-run homers in the 8th by Javy Baez (5) and Juan Soto (3) put the opener out of reach, 7-0.

Reynoldo Lopez (2-2) goes the distance, allowing a Michael Brantley RP single in the 1st and a Paul Goldschmidt 7 to lead off the 8th. Lopez records just takeaways, facing only 31 batters.

Game 2 – Baez clubs #6 to lead off the 2nd. Brandon Nimmo answers in the bottom half with a 2-run double to put The Plague on the scoreboard for the first time in the series.

The Speakers manufacture the tying run in the 3rd on 2 walks, a Kyle Gibson wild pitch, and a Mitch Haniger sac fly. Nimmo loses a walk and a home run, but doubles home Max Kepler in the 4th for a 3-2 home team advantage.

The Plague holds the Speakers to a Haniger double (turned back by Gibson’s +14) the rest of the way. Goldy’s 2-run blast in the 8th clinches a 7-2 series-tying win, the first time The Plague have defeated the Speakers this season.

Mike Mikolas surrenders 10 hits in 6.2 IP and falls to 4-3.

Game 3 – Machado’s first error and Francisco Lindor’s 2-out RBI single give The Plague the early lead.

The Speakers answer immediately as Lindor boots a ball to begin the 2nd. Luis Severino uncorks a wild pitch, Cody Bellinger doubles home Baez for a 1-1 tie. However, the Speakers aren’t done.

Severino walks Omar Narvaez and Juan Soto with 1 away. Betts strokes a 2-run single (10), David Dahl singles home another (7), and with 2 outs, Rizzo clears the bases with a 2-run double. Speakers lead, 6-1.

Ross Stripling retires the next 7 hitters, but Lindor triples in the 4th and Kevin Kiermaier lofts a sac fly to right. The Speakers continue to add on as Dahl deposits a 2-run HR (2) over the fence in right in the 6th.

After stranding a pair in the 5th, The Plague take advantage of an Andrelton Simmons error with 1 out in the 6th. Kiermaier follows with a 2-run blast to match Dahl.

The Speakers pen squashes any hope of a comeback. Speakers win, 8-4, as Edwin Diaz sets down The Plague in order. Ross Stripling improves to 2-1. Speakers take the series, 2-1, and climb back to .500, 15-15.

Manager Brian

Elims Fend Off Juggs

Eliminators win 2 of 3 for second time this season. Game one : Juggs Wood will face off against Buehler. Elims score first with a two out two run homer by Zimmerman top of 1st. Bottom of 1st Juggs strike back smith lead off ground out , Peralta walk , Votto single, Muncy single loads bases. Voit hits one of his 3 1’s Buehler can’t turn it back at +22. Grand Slam . Juggs up 4-2 . Top 5th Alfaro gets lead off homer , profar then doubles , but is left stranded by top 3 of order. Bottom of 5th Molina lead off single, Villar PR steals second. Smith k, Peralta k , Votto rbi double scores Villar. Muncy rbi single scores Votto. Voit k to end inning. Juggs up 6-3 . Top 6th Zimmerman lead off double can’t score . Top 7th Elims have bases loaded with one out after 2nd reliever OH Hits meadows.Hirano in to face Freeman. Freeman hits into a double play. Top of 8th Kris Davis PH walk to start inning Castellonas single Davis to second, no outs . Chavez in to face Escobar. Flyout Center. Correa then hits into a double play ends inning. Bottom of 8th Smith in for Buehler. Smith strikes out the side . Muncy Voit Hicks . Top of 9th Alfaro gets his second lead off solo homer of game score 6-4 still Juggs favor . Chavez will get the next 3 batters and a save . Juggs win 6-4 on 7 hits . Elims had 8 hits both teams one error.

Game 2 : Sale will get a complete game win with 16 k no ER 1BB 6 hits only one was extra base hit  , double. Elims win 9-1 . Juggs only run came in bottom of 9th judge scores when Correa makes a two base error. Gonzales gets a complete game also 11 hits 9 ER 4 HR 3 BB 7 K and 40 BF for 5 games rest . He also hit Profar who ends up scoring. Freeman had an rbi triple,Escobar a two run homer . Harper a two run homer after we stopped his walk . Correa a two run homer . And meadows a two run homer . Stats building game for Elims. Game :3 minor for Juggs E. Rodriguez for Elims. Top of 4th Elims strike first Escobar one out walk , Gomes gifted homer ,Acuna two out double, segura rbi single, Freeman walk , Zimmerman ground out ends inning. Elims up 3-0. Juggs answer back lead off single smith rbi double Iglesias, two run homer Voit . Tied 3-3 . Top 5th Castellanos lead off homer , meadows single , then steals second, Escobar single. Minor pulled , Chavez in , Gomes k  Profar sac fly  rbi acuna fly out ends inning. Elims up 5-3 . Bottom 5th Donaldson on by Profar error, Villar PR steals second then left stranded. Top of 6th Segura lead off double on base for 4th straight AB . Two outs Castellanos two out Rbi double. Elims up 6-3 . Bottom 6th Voit one out solo shot . Elims still up 6-4 . And that is how it will end . Eliminators win 6-4 with 12 hits one error to Juggs 4 hits and 1 error. E Rodriguez gets the win with 5 Innings pitched . Series note in game two Villar got caught stealing second for first time this season the D34 lost 2 points +1 catcher +1 pitcher. 62 or under safe , Elims roll 64 . Villar was caught one other time trying to steal home .21 SB 2 CS . Still has 9 attempts left . Juggs record now 24-18 only Mike and John to play yet .

Manager Tim

Stars Shine

Shooting Stars shine on the road at Basher Stadium. Take 2 of 3 . Game one : Juggs are on a 4 game winning streak and make it 5 . A Rain delay in bottom of first downgrade both starters. Chacin ( Juggs) Williams ( stars ) . Williams gives up 2 runs in bottom of 1st allowed a walk and 3 singles. Juggs up 2-0 . Top of 2nd stars answer back with a run off 3 singles and a walk . Chacin pulled at 1.2 IP. Chavez in for long middle relief. Bottom of second, Williams pulled after he allows a 2 out single to Smith. Remember both starters were downgraded 6 points when returning from rain delay. Baez lefty brought in . Top of 3rd Ramos will get a 2 out 2 run homer off Chavez. Stars lead 3-2 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs answer back with a 2run homer by PH Voit in DH spot , off Baez. Juggs up 4-3 . Chavez will pitch till the 6th but gives up lead off double to carpenter. Buchter brought in to finish game . Goes 4 scoreless innings for a save . While Chavez got the win for his 3.1 ip. Juggs score 5 more runs in last 3 innings off Lugo and Dyson. Hicks almost hit for the cycle  an rbi single, a double, and a two run homer in 7th inning. Juggs win 9-3 , 9 hits 1 error. Stars 7 hits 2 errors. Game 2 : Degrom will end Juggs 5 game win streak, but barely. Degrom throws a masterful Complete game win allowing only one run and 3 hits no walks 10 ks. Juggs struck first in bottom of first when Peralta had a one out double then singled home by next batter Votto. Juggs up 1-0 . Juggs get a two out double from Gennett, but Dejong can’t hit him in . Top of 3rd stars threaten . Starter Carrasco gives up lead off single to Suarez then hits Pederson. Lorenzen will k ( he used all his AB in our series) kemp will LDP to end inning. Top off 4th Carrasco finally breaks down . Lead off single to Ramos walk Carpenter single Gregorios to fill bases no outs Zobrist fly ball to RF Kevin tags up all 3 runners Juggs go for easiest out at second, Roll a 61 runner out at second, but it would have gotten the runner at home too . That mistake will cost Juggs the game . Ramos scores on the sac fly . 1-1  game . Next batter incierte doubles scoring carpenter from 3rd . Stars up 2-1 and that’s how it will end as Juggs are 3 up 3 down rest of game . Degrom  taking away all our 8 and 9 we roll . Carrasco took lose 7.1 ip 10 hits 2ER 3BB 8k and 1 HBP (Pederson) .no errors that game . Game 3:Sabathia for Juggs . Sanchez for Stars . Stars get to Sabathia early. Top of first lead off single for Marte . Goes to second on Pederson ground out. Suarez rbi single. Stars 1-0 . Bottom of 2nd 2 outs Hicks single, Gennett HBP, Dejong walk . But Molina flyout to right field for 3rd out. Top of 3rd stars score 2 runs with 2outs . Pederson double, suarez walk, Gurriel rbi single, Kemp rbi single, bader flyout to end inning. Stars up 3-0 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs Peralta one out double, Muncy 2 out homer But no reliever Alverez +44 turns it back to an rbi double. Voit will PH single Muncy to 3rd . Judge will PH for Hicks to face Alverez. Hughes in to face Judge flyout ends inning. Stars up 3-1 . Top of 6th stars add a run with solo homer Ramos off Hirano. Stars 4-1. Juggs big rally bottom of 6th . Judge lead off walk , hughes pulled after 2.1ip and 10 BF, Oberg in for stars . Gennett singles, Dejong walk fills bases . No outs . Springer PH for Molina slow roller to first base he is out but runners advance one base giving him an rbi on judge scoring. Runners on 2nd and 3rd one out . Smith lays down a successful squeeze play scores Gennett. Villar will PR for Dejong on 3rd base . Peralta up . Duke lefty brought in for Peralta (-10) . Juggs send Villar home for tying run 41 or less safe . Stars roll 43 get Villar stealing home for 3rd out and Villar caught stealing for first time this season. Stars still lead 4-3 and will win game 4-3 . Hughes also had turned back what would have been another Juggs run in bottom of 5th Peralta solo shot to a double. Baez 5th reliever for stars closes out win for them . Each team one error Juggs 7 hits stars 8 hits . Juggs now 23-16 record

Manager Tim

Lemonheads Sour

Lemonheads sour at Basher stadium: Juggs get a hard fought sweep at home . Game 1 : Wood starts for Juggs . Story lead off single top 1st Jose Martinez will single him home with one out .juggs answer with a Votto one out solo shot off starter Greinke. 1-1 . Top 4th Gallo 2 out solo shot off wood . Lemonheads 2-1 . Top 5th Hernandez one out double, Story will single him home with 2 outs . Lemonheads up 3-1. Bottom of 7th Juggs rally to tie game . Greinke is pulled after 6ip. Blier lefty comes in bottom 7th to face lead off Hicks . Smith PH for Hicks . Smith double. Iglesias to Ph for Gennett. Blier pulled. Cishek in . Iglesias lays down a bunt sacrifice. Smith to 3rd one out . Dejong rolls a 33=6 cishek +31 can’t stop it , 2 run homer ties game . Barnhart walk . Peralta hit run 13 . Barnhart A6 steal attempt lemons roll a 15 but cishek +2 move gets him out . Peralta hits a double on next pitch Votto ground out to end inning. Tied game 3-3 . Hirano comes in top off 8th shutdown lemonheads 8th and 9th . Bottom of 9th. Smith to lead off Rodriguez comes in for lemons 17 righty +31+31. Smith -2 vs righty makes Rodriguez a 19 . Smith rolls a 51=10 single. Lowrie walk . Dejong single fills bases no outs . Barnhart. Rbi single to win game . Hirano win . Juggs 4-3 . Juggs 9 hits no errors. Lemonheads 7 hits 1 error.

Game 2: Juggs start Gonzales. Lemons start Foltynewicz. Top 1st Blackmon second batter gets a one out solo shot. JD Martinez 2 out single gallo scores him with 2b. 2-0 lemons. Bottom of 1st . Smith lead off single, Peralta single H&R =31. Votto single rbi . Smith scores. Peralta to 3rd . Stassi PB Peralta scores Votto to second. Muncy Winker Hicks all k . Tied 2-2 . Bottom of 3rd Votto on base by freese error with one out then Muncy gets on error CF JD Martinez. Winker flyout second out . Hicks rbi single scores Votto. Gennett walk Dejong flyout ends inning. Juggs up 3-2 . Bottom of 4th juggs score again. Molina lead off double villar will PR . Smith attempted sac pop up to pitcher. One out runner on second. Peralta rbi single. Muncy will get on with 2 outs error stassi Winker flyout end inning. Juggs up 4-2 . Top of 5th story lead off single, moved to second blackmon hit and run out. Then Jose Martinez lines into a DP. Bottom of 6th Juggs have runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 out but Muncy k for 3rd out . Top of 7th lead of single by freese gets Gonzales pulled for Buchter. Buchter will get 10 straight outs to close out game for save . Gonzales win . Juggs win 4-2 Juggs 11 hits one error. Lemons 8 hits 3 errors.

Game 3: Minor on mound for Juggs. Corbin for lemons. Story leads of with a single. Attempting steal Juggs need a high 6 roll . Roll a 66 story caught stealing. 2 more outs minor makes it out of first inning. Top of second lemons strike first . JD Martinez lead off single, Gallo single. Albies flyout. Freese gets on by pitchers error runners advance 2 bases Martinez scores . Hernandez get an rbi FC . Scores Gallo. Stassi k ends inning. Lemons up2-0 . Top of 3rd story gets a lead off solo shot only score for lemons that inning lemons up 3-0 . Juggs threaten in bottom of 3rd . Barnhart 2 out single. Smith hits a double Barnhart trying to score gets thrown out at home . Bottom of 4th Juggs rally . Iglesias lead off single springer single Iglesias to 3rd on JD error . 1st and 3rd no outs. Voit rbi single scores Iglesias. Runners on first and second no outs . Judge k , Muncy k , Votto HBP loads bases  . Gennett up gets hit with fastball HBP rbi .barnhat ground out to end inning. Lemons up 3-2 . Top of 5th lemons get lead off double from Hernandez but can’t get him in . Chavez come in that inning to face story with one out . K him . Blackmon ground out . Chavez will stay in game and shutdown lemonheads for 4.2 innings and gets the win . Juggs rally in bottom of 9th for victory. Cishek bottom of 9th faces lead off Votto. Votto walks , Villar in to PR . Gennett up cishek pulled . Sipp in 23 2x +12/+54 lefty . Gennett k one out . Molina up . Villar steals second. Juggs take a big chance steal Villar to 3rd .hes safe . This makes Molina 8’s good . But he rolls a 33=6 and sipp +54 can’t keep it in the Park .molina one out 2 run homer for Juggs come from behind win and a sweep 🧹. Juggs Win 5-3 have 8 hits one error. Lemons 5 hits one error. Juggs now 23-14 record. Looking to play tomorrow Sunday.  Bob had no luck this series.

Manager Tim

Basher Stadium Hosts The Plague

Last years regular season champions come up short at Basher Stadium. Juggs take 2 of 3 . Game 1 . Chacin and Gibson face each other both starters go 6 + innings. But Juggs Chacin will Snag the victory. M. Smith started the game off with a lead off single, Peralta HR out got Smith to second. Votto k. But Muncy comes through with an RBI double . ( homerun turned back by +14 Gibson) . Juggs up 1-0 . Juggs will score again in bottom of 4th . Winker lead off walk , Villar PR steals second, Hicks fc gets villar to 3rd . Gennett rbi single scores villar. Dejong k 2 outs , Molina single Gennett to second, Smith rbi single scores Gennett, Peralta fly out ends inning. Juggs up 3-0 . Top 7th Chacin gives up a solo shot to Moustakas, gets Lindor po second, but bregman gets a one out single as chacin fatigues. Chacin pulled . Buchter comes in and gets next 2 outs . Juggs up 3-1 . Bottom 7th Smith gets on error wendle, steals second. Votto singles home smith with one out . Villar gets HBP . Runners on 1st and second 2 outs . Gibson pulled . Grace comes in and gets hick to fly to center . Juggs up 4-1 . Plague threaten rally in top of 9th. Buchter gets lead off moustakas fly right . One out . Oh comes in to face Lindor. Lindor single. Then Bregman walk . Kepner PH for Cain pop out to third. Goldschmidt then grounds out Juggs win 4-1 .Oh gets a save . Plague one run on five hits one error. Juggs 4 runs 8 hits one error.

Game 2 severino will throw a complete game win against Carrasco. Top of 4th plague score 5 runs . Lemahieu walk, Lindor 2b, Brantley walk, moustakas rbi sac fly . Bregman rbi single. Goldschmidt 3 run homer .and that’s all plague will need to win 5-1 . Votto had a solo HR in bottom of 4th. Peralta had Juggs only other hit a single in 6th . Severino had 13 k and only 1 walk. The game had started off well for the Juggs . As smith got to second on a severino error leading off the bottom of first inning. Peralta up : walk turned back , then RP number Smith picked off second. Then Peralta rolls a 9 hit number taken away . Bad omens for that game . As Juggs had only 2 hits and 4 men on base entire game . Juggs had 3 errors to plagues 1.

Game 3: Juggs win via Muncy 2/3 , 2runs , 5 rbi, 2b, HR, and of course a HBP after his consecutive homers ..Sabathia gets a win for Juggs and Chavez goes 3.2 scoreless innings for the save . Final Juggs win 7-3 . After Muncy first 2 rbi homer in 1st , 2-0 juggs . Plague answers back with a Sisco 3 run homer his first hit of the season. Rolled a 66 twice to get it . Dejong finally broke out of his slump. Hits a solo homer to tie it in bottom of 3rd. He also hit a double in 8th. Votto got on base 3 times and scored 3 runs . Single and 2 walks. Voit DH this game went 2/3 rbi walk . Hit a 0 at 44 but got single in second column. Plague 4 hits Juggs 9 hits no errors in game . Maeda takes loss for plague.

Manager Tim