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The Plague Tame Juggs

So many firsts for the Juggs in this away series vs the plague . Firstly it’s the first series we didn’t win . Second it’s the first series in which we had a game were we scored less than 4 runs . Juggs had every opportunity to sweep this series but just couldn’t continue our clutch hitting from game one . Juggs outdid the plague in most categories for the series and we still lost 2 games . Runs , Juggs 13 plague 14 . Hits : Juggs 26 , plague 22. Homers 3 each and we each turned one back . Extra base hits juggs 15, plague 10 . Walks : Juggs 8 , plague 7. Errors Juggs 1, plague 4. Runners left in scoring position which really hurt us . Juggs 15 , plague 7 . The plague also had two hit batters , Juggs had none . Game 1 ;means for the Juggs goes a solid 7 innings giving up 4 runs but will not get a win . Littel will will secure that win in the 8 th . Giles will come in the bottom of 9th no outs and a runner on 3rd , kiermeir hit a lead off triple off of littel, Giles gets stallings ground out runner holds , Nimmo k , buxtons 8 is good with runner on 3rd rbi single game now 7-5 , but Giles gets lemahieu to ground out for final out . Juggs win 7-5 Giles earns his 6th save in 7 appearances. Offensively in the game Prague took the lead with a lead off homer by lemahieu in bottom of 1st . Plague score 2 more bottom of 2nd goldschmidt lead off walk , kiemeir HBP, stallings walk , nimmo rbi single, buxton k , lemahieu sac fly rbi , Cain pop out , Juggs get one back top 3rd Peralta solo shot . Juggs down 3-1 . Top 4th Juggs tie it but Peralta is thrown out at home trying to take the lead on Molina single from second base . Plague roll a 65 one of many they will get in this series. 3-3 . Bottom 5th lemahieu will score after his lead off double. Plague up 4-3 . Top of 8th Edman gets a single with 2 outs from DH spot , he then steals second , Dickerson rbi double game tied at 4 . Top 9th Vazquez trying to close out for plague , even though he gave up the rbi double to Dickerson in 8th . Wong pop out , Peralta single off a 12 because Vazquez is a 30 grade , Molina second column double, Ahmed pr, Anderson fc moves Ahmed to 3rd but peralta is out at home plague played close . Springer walks fills bases. two outs , Santana will ph for Canha. 22=0 second column 6 becomes a 3 rbi double Juggs lead 7-4 . Plague score one in 9th . Juggs win 7-5 . Juggs 7/11/0 plague 5/7/0 beiber was the starter for plague went 7.2 ip. Game 2 : Gonzales for Juggs , maeda for plague a pair of opposite throwing 13 grades . Top 1st Anderson lead off walk Springer walk Canha DP , ugh. Juggs finally score top 4th take 1-0 lead . Plague answer back with a 3 hit one walk inning score 2 . Plague up 2-1 . Top 5th Juggs leave runners on 2nd and 3rd one out . Bottom 5th Alverez ph solo shot plague up 3-1 . Top 6th Juggs again leave runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out . Plague will win 3-1 . Juggs leave 6 men in scoring position. Juggs 1/4/1 plague 3/7/3 maeda win Green save . Game 3: minor for Juggs Luis Castillo for plague grade 16 s . Top of first Anderson lead off double Canha 5 is a homer but Castillo makes it an rbi double, Springer k , Soler single, but Dickerson and Donaldson both k only one run . Juggs up 1-0 . Top of 3rd Springer solo shot Juggs up 2-0 . Bottom of 3rd lemahieu two run dinger ties it 2-2 . Bottom of 4th bregman lead off single, Lindor single, goldschmidt rbi single buxton k , kiermeir rbi single, stallings sac fly rbi nimmo k plague score 3 up 5-2 , top 5th Juggs Canha hits a two run homer after losing his 8 at 22 his previous at bat in 3rd . Juggs down 5-4 . Top 8th Edman ph lead off double, stallings PB moves him to 3rd , Ahmed ph sac fly rbi scores him , Donaldson k , villar single attempts steal of second D31 caught for second time in game 3rd out . Game tied 5-5 . Top of 10th Edman gets on with a one out error by pitcher F runner to second, fatigue starts to set in for Juggs manager , I make a boneheaded mistake an attempt a steal of 3rd with Edmans last steal attempt, in my head I was only subtracting stallings +5 arm making Edman an E30 he is an (E35) , I forgot about the additional-5 for attempting 3rd making him a 25 I don’t attempt it . Well either way Ed rolls a 65 caught stealing second out Murphy will PH against lefty Vazquez and ground out . Bottom of 10th littel will face his 8th batter of the game and his 15th overall in 3 games , stallings ground out , nimmo double, Giles in now to face lemahieu, walk , Kepler walk , bases full one out , bregman gets a 9 Giles makes it a 27 3b Donaldson a 5 , fielding one DP , fielding 2 runner out at home , but no we roll a 65 for fielding 3 runner on 3rd scores game over . Juggs lose 6-5 . Juggs record now 9-3 . Juggs 5/11/0 plague 6/8/1 . Edman steal attempts are done for the season went 7-1 for 8 attempts.

Juggs Plague

Game 1 Rodriguez for plague . Carasco for Juggs . Carasco will throw a complete game win 5-2 . Bottom of 1st , smith lead off walk Peralta 2run  homerun, Votto single judge one out homer turned back +26 , Votto stops at 3rd , runners left on base Juggs up 2-0. Bottom of 4th Ahmed two out rbi double, Juggs up 3-0 . Top 5th Lindor lead of walk , steals second, goldschmidt one homer turned back by Carasco +15, Lindor scores , kiermeir hits into LDP . Juggs up 3-1 . Top 6th wendle HBP with two outs Brantley rbi double. Juggs lead 3-2 . Bottom 7th Juggs will score two more off Rodriguez who goes complete game loss. Plague 2/3/0 Juggs 5/8/0

Game 2  D Castillo for plague . Gonzales for Juggs . Top 1st plague score 1, top 2nd plague score again up 2-0. Bottom of 3rd Juggs have a chance to tie it Peralta one out two run shot stopped by Castillo +15 double now only one scores . Juggs down 2-1. Bottom of 9th Juggs tie game with one out judge double, Grichuk rbi double. 2-2 . Top 10th Cain lead off single steals second then sac to 3rd then bregman rbi sac fly to center . Plague wins 3-2 . Plague 3/10/1 Juggs 2/6/0. Game 3 Plague Gibson. Juggs Chacin. Top of second bregman solo shot plague 1-0 . Bottom 4th Peralta single, Votto walk, Muncy wall, bases loaded no outs judge k , Hicks rolls =12 not a 25 but a 29 but fielding one is still a DP no runs . Top 6th Brantley solo shot plague up 2-0 . Top 7th plague (9) me to death . Goldschmidt single,kiermier single then steals second, pina sac fly to right both runners advance, wendle sac fly to right , nimmo single, Brantley single, moustakas rbi single Lindor rbi single Plague score 4 up 6-0. Top 8th goldschmidt lead off error by Ahmed, kiemerier two run shot plague up 8-0 . Juggs score one in bottom of 8th and two bottom of 9th lose 8-3 . Plague 8/12/2 Juggs 3/6/1

Manager Tim

The Plague Scrubbed by Juggs

Juggs open second half of season as away team vs plague . I must say this was one of my best rolled series of the season, the dice were hot . Game 1: chacin for Juggs . Gibson for plague. Bottom of first plague strike first Brantley one out walk , bregman walk Lindor infield single loads bases . Goldschmidt sac fly to center gives plague 1-0 lead . Top 2nd lead off Muncy gets to first on Lindor error, Winker K, Hicks walk, Gennett single loads bases but Dejong hits into a DP to end inning. Top of 3rd Juggs get another chance. Smith on first with one out error wendle, Peralta hit and run rolls 66=1 but No homer by hit and run change, double runner scores. Votto grounder to pitcher moves Peralta to 3rd . Muncy two out single scores Peralta. Winker walk , Hicks 5 with runners on 1st and 2nd should be a triple , but 11 graded Gibson makes it a 7 single scores Muncy. Gennett singles scores Hicks, Dejong 42 HBP loads bases , Molina flyout to Center 8 taken away . Juggs up 4-1 no earned runs . Bottom of 3rd Brantley one out single, Bregman double, runners 2nd and 3rd one out , Lindor fc to second scores Brantley, bregman to 3rd , Goldschmidt flyout ends inning. Juggs up 4-2 top 5th Hicks two out walk , Gennett rbi double. Juggs up 5-2 . Chacin starts bottom of 9th but give up lead off single to Lindor , then Goldschmidt 2 run dinger Juggs up 5-4 no outs . Hirano in to Save game gets Kepler , single to kiermier, PH Cain pop out 3rd , wendle pop out to catcher ends game Juggs win 5-4 . Chacin win 8 IP 5 hits 4 ER 1 HR 3 BB 4 SO , Hirano save . Game 2: plague scatter 7 hits 6 extra bases, 4 doubles , 1 triple and 1 free homer homer given up by minor (-16). Juggs have 6 hits but managed to win 6-3 . Top of 4th Muncy one out double, Hicks two out single scores him . Juggs up 1-0 . Top of 5th Molina on first Lindor error with one out , Smith k, Peralta walk , Votto two out two rbi double, Muncy walk , Winker 5-3 ends inning. Juggs up 3-0. Top of 6th Hicks walk , Gennett HR turned back to double, runners 2nd and 3rd no outs , Dejong single scores Hicks , Molina homer but this one also turned back by Severino, Double two rbi , Smith up Starter severino pulled. Carle in , Smith fc 6-3 moves Molina to 3rd one out , Peralta walk, Votto and Muncy both get out to end inning. Juggs up 6-0. Bottom of 6th , Cain k, Lemahieu single, Bregman 2run homer, Lindor single, Goldschmidt on by FC two outs , Kepler (4) triple scores Goldschmidt, wendle flyout ends inning. Juggs up 6-3 . Minor is finally pulled in bottom of 7th after he gives up a two out double to Cain. Oh in for 1.2 innings. Bradley in bottom of 9th to get a save and secure Minor win . Juggs win 6-3 . Game 3 : Gonzales for Juggs . L Castillo for plague. Top of first Peralta one out single, Votto double becomes gifted two run homer,Muncy walk , Winker Hicks get out end inning.juggs up 2-0. Top of 3rd , smith lead off triple, Peralta rbi single, Votto out, Muncy two run homer, Winker walk , Hicks out #2, Gennett single, Dejong out #3. Juggs up 5-0. Bottom of third plague has runners on 1st and 3rd one out , but Bregman hits into a DP. Top of 4th , smith one out walk,steals second, Peralta k, Votto another 2 run homer, Juggs up 7-0 . Castillo was pulled for other Castillo against Peralta. Bottom of 6th Goldschmidt homer turned back to one out double, Moustakas PH two out double scores him . Juggs up 7-1 . Top of 7th Votto lead off double, Muncy single, Winker fc rbi. Juggs up 8-1. Bottom of 9th Bradley gives up two out solo shot to Cain. But Juggs win 8-2 for a sweep. Juggs had 11 hits , Plague had 10 hits , plague had a base runner in every inning and at least one hit in 8 of 9 innings. Juggs now 30-21 . Juggs had 16 walks in series.

Manager Tim