2018 Playoffs – ABs vs. Juggs – Game 6

Game 6 must win for Bastards, Juggs are pumped after explosive road win . Gonzalez squares off against Anderson again (game 2) Juggs don’t expect Gonzalez to last long and bullpen is already warming up at start of game.

Top off first Bastards have first and 3rd one out , but Sanchez wiffs and healy flies to center . Votto leads off in bottom of 1st for jugs with a single , Donaldson then walks , judge lines to second , Gennett single Juggs send both runners to try and get votto to score , Bastards go for easy out at third so votto scores , and Donaldson slides under the tag at 3rd for what should have been an easy second out . 1-0 Juggs . Top off second Andrus lead off single, Mauer up hit and run rolls 14 and Andrus caught stealing by Barnhart. Mauer then flies to right field. Then Ozuna single Gordon grounds out to second ends inning. Bottom of second Juggs go down in order 123 . Top of 3rd turner k, Stanton single trout walk , Gonzalez pulled after 2.1 IP . Juggs bring in Cy Young candidate Neshek. Who gets Sanchez and Gardener( PH for Healy) . Bottom of 3rd Juggs top of order , votto walk Donaldson homer turned back by Chase Anderson which leaves runners on second and 3 but judge lines to first for a double play. 2 outs runner on 3rd , Pitching change for Bastards Milner comes in to face gennett-9 vs lefty . Juggs PH Smoak and Milner IBB to Smoak . Taylor now up and Milner pulled for Jansen who is a 29 vs Taylor but Taylor hits a homer and Jansens 32 can’t stop it . 3 run shot . Juggs up 4-0 . With a strong bullpen ready to go Juggs are poised to win series.but Stanton homers in top of 5th of Neshek 4-1 Juggs , Springer had lost a solo shot earlier in the bottom of 4 th . Then in top of 5th Andrus hits a solo shot off Neshek chasing him from game Neshek 2.2 ip 4 hits 2 runs o walks 3 ks 2 homers . Ok now Juggs bring in another big gun Minor gets Mauer but second batter faced Ozuna homers solo shot Juggs lead cut to 4-3 . Minor gets Gordon for second out , but is pulled when Turner +9 gets up .Big Gun Madson comes in goes next 2.1 ip with no runs and 4 ks. Juggs in bottom of 7th have runners on 1st and 2nd one out Taylor lines into DP. And in bottom of 8 th Juggs with two out get 3 walks to load bases but Seager pops out to RF for 3rd out . Top off 9th Juggs cling to 4-3 lead . Swarzack brought in to close it out gets Ozuna on a K but Gordon singles. Juggs bring in Bradley to face turner and he singles also Stanton then doubles in Gordon . Tie game 4-4 one out runners on second and 3rd trout the hits into classic LDP ends inning. Bottom of 9th . Davis shutdown Juggs . Top off 10 Juggs are at their last reliever Robertson who came in vs trout previous inning . Sanchez pop to first , gardener pop to first , Andrus single, Mauer up hit and run 14 , Andrus then CS . Juggs bottom of 10th vs Davis schoop k, Springer boom 66-1 Davis doesn’t turn it back Juggs win nail biter 5-4 . Juggs used all 6 available relievers, Albers was still on 2 games rest from game 4 . Bastards used 5 relievers .

Manager Tim

2018 Playoffs – ABs vs. Juggs – Game 5

Juggs and Bastards resumed play early Saturday morning. With the series tied at 2-2 both teams winning at home . Game 5 would end Bastards home games . Game 5 Wood and Scherzer face off again (game 1) . Juggs bats are quiet for first 4 innings. But in 5th , Schoop lead off walk , Hicks strike out, Barnhart double . 2nd and 3rd 1 out , Galvis up . Boom 💥 hero time 33 for second column double and 2 rbi , juggs up 2-0 .top of 7th still 2-0 juggs , Scherzer still in to face schoop again. This time schoop single. Scherzer pulled for Warren . Hicks gets on with FC then goes to second on a PB , advances to third on Barnhart grounder to SS . 2 outs hicks on 3rd . Hero time again for Galvis , crack 55 8 single scores hicks . Votto next up single but Galvis 3rd out going for 3rd . Juggs up 3-0 . Top of 8th . Donaldson up , Bastards pitching change , bring in Milner . Which begins the greatest inning in Juggernauts history (Milner lefty 21 -12/+41) Donaldson boom 66 =1 homer, Judge boom 66=1 turned into double by Milner , gennett -9 vs lefty is PH for by Smoak in DH spot , Smoak +4 vs lefty . Milner pulled , McAllister comes in . Is a 25 to face Smoak . Doesn’t matter . Boom 66=1 home run. Next up Taylor, what happens is a miracle boom 66 =1 homer !!!!!! Juggs roll 4 66’s in a row . Still no outs schoop up next . Crack 11 =0 second column double. Unbelievable. But there it ends as bottom 3 of order go done in order . That folks is one for the history books . Juggs up 7-0 and never look back for a 7-1 win in game 5 . Wood gets win Scherzer loss . Only bright spot for Bastards is the series red hot Stanton who goes 3 for 4 with a solo homer . Juggs lead series 3-2 and travel back to Basher Stadium for game 6 .

Manager Tim

Heads Sweep Bees

Game 1; Greinke vs Hendricks; Lemonheads score 4 runs in 5th on HR’s by Duvall, Murphy and Martinez with Martinez hitting another HR in 8th, Bees would get 2 run HR by Gonzalez in 9th as Lemonheads win 6-2 with Greinke pitching a complete game

Game 2; Pomeranz vs Clevinger; Martinez hit 2 run HR in 1st for Lemonheads, Bees get solo HR by Upton and rbi single by Beltre in bottom of 1st, Cruz hits solo HR in 2nd and Turner hits solo HR in 3rd to put the Lemonheads up 4-2, Bees get one run in 6th, Lemonheads get a run in 8th on a runner on 3rd strike out catchers overthrows first as run scores and he ends up on second. Lemonheads win 5-3

Game 3; Claudio vs Bumgarner; All I can say is Lemonheads hit 6 doubles and 3 HR’s, Claudio pitches complete game and Lemonheads win 13-2 to complete the sweep.

Lymebees record at 47-43 and need to play the Speakers 6 games

Bees Brooms

Game 1: Taillon vs Ray: Bees get a run in 2nd on a lead off double by Gonzalez, tag up sac fly to 3rd and sac fly to score, Bees get 2 runs in 5th on RBI triple by Beltre and RBI double by Zunino, Eliminators load bases with one out in 3rd and Kimbrel comes in to hole them scoreless, Eliminators get 2 runs in 7th and in the 9th Segura gets on after an error and is erased trying to steal second and Bees hold on to win 3-2.

Game 2: Bauer vs Gray: Bees get 1 run in 1st and 3 runs in second, Eliminators get a 2 out Grand Slam in 3rd and score 5 runs in the inning to take the lead and add another run in 9th, Bees somehow get 2 walks in the 9th and with 2 outs Hosmer hits a 3 run game winning HR. Bees win 7-6.

Game 3: Bundy vs Snell: Bees get 2 runs in 1st on a 2 out triple by Hosmer and add 4 more runs in 5th as Snell goes the distance to complete the shut out. Bees win 6-0 and sweep Eliminators.

Lymebees record at 41-34.

Still need to play the Speakers and Lemonheads home and away.

Also need to play Juggernauts and Shooting Stars II and will call The Plague.

Manager John

Raining Bees and Juggs

Lymebees traveled to Juggernauts on a beautiful Friday; rain all day.

Game 1; Carrasco vs Snell; Juggernauts get 3 runs off of Snell in 5th on 3 hits, 2 doubles, 2 walks and PB and Carrasco pitches complete game shut out for Juggernauts 3-0 win.

Game 2; Sabathia vs Clevinger; Sabathia gets pulled in 4th, Clevinger starts the 9th strikes out Peralta, Votto doubles and Kimbrel comes in to pitch; walk, single RBI, double RBI, sac rib Juggernauts win 3-0 using 6 pitchers.

Game 3; Gonzalez vs Fulmer; Gonzalez pitches complete game but gives up 2 first inning runs with 2 outs and Lymebees use 5 pitchers to shut out the Juggernauts as Bees win 2-0.

No errors, no home runs, no hit batters, no steal attempts, no wild pitches and 1 passed ball in series for both teams.

Lymebees record at 37-32; still need to play Bob and Brian in 3rd period.

Manager John