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Juggs steal the sweep broom wahoos used against Juggs and sweep the Bastards. All 4 series with Bastards ended in a sweep . 3 for Juggs one for Bastards. Juggs roll well Bastards don’t in this final series . Game one . Juggs throw Chacin . Scherzer for Bastards. Chacin will go 7 innings for the win allowing 3 runs only one earned . No homers , 1 walk 8 k. Chacin +21 turned back two solo shots to help himself those base runners never scored . Juggs strikes first top of 4th Peralta solo shot , Votto double, Votto will score from third on a double tag up with Muncy thrown out at second for a double play . Juggs up 2-0. Top 6th , Peralta lead of walk , Tim Anderson first game for Juggs up from minors , will PR . Steals second . Votto no out rbi double, judge one out walk , lowrie two out 2 rbi double. Juggs up 5-0 . Bottom of 8th Bastards try to come back trout lead off double, turner gets on by lowrie error with one out , Stanton single scores trout , Hoskins single, Chacin pulled , oh in gets grandal to fly out to right field sac fly scores turner, two outs Bradley in now for Juggs face piscotty, rbi single scores Stanton, Juggs still up 5-3 . Will win by that score Bradley gets a save . Juggs 5/8/2. Bastards 3/9/1.  Game 2 Juggs minor faced fellow lefty Hamels for Bastards. Top of first Iglesias one out double, Cruz two out rbi double, Donaldson walk, judge walk, Springer rbi walk, lowrie rolls an 11=6 with bases loaded triple , Barnhart second column 6 hamels-12 gifts a two run homer . Juggs score 7 with two outs in first inning. Bastards get two back bottom of 3rd trout gets on by Iglesias error , Astudillo hits a triple . Juggs up 7-2. Top 5 Juggs score one up 8-2 . Bottom of 5th Bastards leave bases loaded Sanchez grounds out for third out . Minor will get a complete game win for Juggs 8-2 . Juggs8/8/1. Bastards 2/8/0. Game 3 Sabathia for Juggs . Nola for Bastards. Sabathia complete game shutout win 5-0, 3hits 4 walks 12 k . Nola complete game loss 6 hits 5 ER one HR 5 walks 11k. Juggs score one top of first . Juggs score 4 top of 3rd , with one out , Hicks walk , Peralta single, Votto rbi single, Muncy 3 run homer . Juggs 5/6/0. Bastards 0/3/0. Juggs now 44-37.

Manager Tim

Wahoos Bring Brooms

Juggs at wahoos. Juggs lose all 3 . Game 1 Kluber goes 7.1 for the win 2ER, 2H,3BB, 8k, one homer, Sabathia loss , 6 ip, 12 H,5 ER 2HR,2bb 2k, . Wahoos Marte 2 run homer in 4th , Aguilar 2run homer in 6th . Juggs Muncy 2 run homer top 7th . Votto broke up Kluber no hitter in top of 7th with lead off double. Juggs 3/3/1. Wahoos 7/16/0. Game two wahoos cruise to a 9-1 victory. Cole goes a complete game 2 hit 1 run 3 bb 8 k . Juggs don’t get a hit till 5th . Markakis went 3/3 single, double, 3run homer , scored 3 runs and a walk . Aguilar solo shot in 7th . Juggs 1/2/0. Wahoos 9/11/0 . Game 3 Juggs try everything they can to win this one but still come up short . The 9th inning was one of the craziest I ever played. Wood pitching for Juggs , Bauer for wahoos. Top 1st peralta gets on by altuve error with one out , then Bauer begins his lack of control. Votto walk, Muncy walk, judge rbi walk, Winker rbi walk . Juggs up 2-0 . Top 2nd Hicks one out walk left on base , top of 3rd Muncy lead off walk , judge HBP no outs , stranded , bottom of 4th wahoos Arenado single, Reyes single , Markakis rbi 2b, Benintendi one out 2 rbi double. Wahoos up 3-2 . Top 6th Winker lead off walk , Lowrie rbi double, Juggs first hit of the game , Ahmed single , Bauer pulled for Doolittle. Smith had PR for Winker . With runners on the corners no outs Juggs try sac bunt with Barnhart ( I thought Smith was on 3rd but he had already scored and lowerie was on 3rd , so had I known this I wouldn’t have attempted squeeze play) but Barnhart rolls a 13 strike lowrie out at home . I get no more runs that inning but score is tied 3-3 . Bottom of 8th Aguilar lead off walk , Arenado homer turned back by Hirano +16, runner on 2nd and 3rd no outs , Ohtani up sac attempt 13 runner out at home other to 3rd , one strike. Attempts again rolls 11=1 successfully sacs run in and lead 4-3 . Top of 9th Jeffress in relief Voit PH BB , Iglesias in to PR , Hicks up does hit and run rolls 65, wahoos fielding one Iglesias caught stealing , one out , Hicks 66=1 Braiser in now stops homer+35 , with one out Hicks steals 3rd to gain 8 on springer hitting card . Springer rolls 8 single rbi ties game , Votto rare play in outfield wahoos roll fielding 2 , Votto single second on error but Peralta is out going for home on error . Donaldson k for third out game tied 4-4 . Bottom of 9th , eaton one out walk marte two out walk, altuve single rbi wahoos win 5-4 . Juggs 4/6/0. Wahoos 5/8/2. Juggs now 41-37 . Braiser win for Wahoos 

On a side note from wahoos Juggs  series I think I forgot to mention that malix smith most likely hit his only homer of the season . Top of 8 th game 3 one out go ahead homer 66=0 he only has one 1 in second column at 66 , we roll a consecutive 66 yes we can take the lead . But NO Doolittle a +26 rolls a 26 , double left on second 😡

Manager Tim

Juggs – Heads

Game 1 sale for heads , carasco for Juggs . Top 6th Iglesias one out single, Voit hit and run result a 1 double runners scores Juggs up 1-0 . Bottom of 7th kinsler one out single steals second, realmuto rbi double. Game tied 1-1 . Top 9th Muncy gets a one out PH two run homer off Perez Juggs hold on to win 3-1 Hernandez goes 2.2 in relief for the win. Game 2 chacin for Juggs , Folty for Heads . Bottom first story lead off walk , JD Martinez two out rbi single. Heads up 1-0 , top 3rd Juggs get 4 ,Ahmed lead off double, Barnhart sac Ahmed to third , smith rbi double, Votto rbi double, Muncy two run homer . Juggs up 4-1 . Bottom of 3rd heads answer back Gallo 3 run homer ties game 4-4 , top 6th lowrie rbi double Juggs 5-4. Juggs top off 7th get free run with a rare play 4 base error by CF JD Martinez Juggs up 6-4 . Bottom of 7th heads get an unearned run because of chacin error . Juggs still up 6-5 and win by that score . Game 3 . Heads go ballistic on Juggs starter Minor and reliever Bradley, for 19 hits and 14 runs with 6 homers . 3 by Gallo , a solo a two run bang and a three run bomb . He hit into a DP with runners on first and third no outs in first , but went 4-4 3 homers 6 rbi and 4 runs scored after . Juggs lose 14-4 . Top of first Juggs go up 3-0 Iglesias single Voit another hit and run result =1 double runner scores then judge two run homer . Heads get 2 bottom of first , 4 bottom of 3rd , one in 5th , 4 in 6th , one in 7th , Juggs one top of 8th , heads two more bottom of 8th . Juggs had 8 hits in the loss . Juggs now 41-34 . Lemonheads 44-37

Wahoos-Juggs Battle

Wahoos and Juggs have pitching dominated series . Game one Verlander throws a one hit shutout  complete game for the win 2-0 . He allowed 2 walks in first inning with two outs , that and Ahmed double in bottom of second were the only base runners for Juggs . He also had 7 strikeouts. Minor threw a respectable game for Juggs 8 innings 2 runs only 1 earned, 3 hits, one homer , solo shot by Altuve in top of 4th , 2 walks 4 ks, top of 9th altuve got a lead off single then got to 3rd when Muncy made an error putting Aguilar on first , Bradley then in to face Arenado who hit into a DP but Altuve scored the unearned run . Wahoos 2/4/0 Juggs 0/1/1. Game 2: Kluber for wahoos. Sabathia for Juggs. Bottom of first Juggs score two runs with two outs , Votto single, Muncy single, Winker rbi single, judge rbi single, lowrie walk , Ahmed third out . Juggs up 2-0 . Bottom of 3rd Juggs score any 3 downgrading Kluber , with one out Winker double, judge walk, lowrie flyout, Ahmed 3 run homer , Juggs up 5-0. Top 4th Arenado lead off double left stranded at second. Bottom of 4th with two outs Votto single, judge single but Winker makes 3rd out . Juggs still up 5-0 . Top of 5th Benintendi lead off single, Maldonado two run homer  . Juggs up 5-2 . Top 6th Reyes lead off single , markakis walk, next two batters k, Maldonado strikes again with rbi double. Juggs up 5-3 and hang on two win 5-3 , Sabathia gets win going 6.2 innings, Oh came in top of 9th to gain a save . Villar was caught stealing only for the 4th time this season and only the second time going for second, D34 – catcher +6 and pitcher +1 = 27, 53 or under is safe rolls 54 . Wahoos 3/8/0 Juggs 5/11/1  Muncy second error of series. Game 3: Cole for wahoos. Gonzales for Juggs. Top of first Marte lead off double, Altuve walk, Aguilar K, Arenado walk fills bases . Reyes 38 result Catcher gets fielding one goes to RP board goes to 19 third base Muncy a 3 ,only fielding one will get a DP need a 16 roll or less , get a 16 , for the DP ends inning. Top 2nd Markakis rolls 66=0 his only 0 , second column rolls 26=1 homer . Wahoos up 1-0 . Bottom second, Winker lead off double, Ahmed two out homer , but Cole +23 makes it an rbi double, game tied 1-1 . Bottom of third Votto two out homer Juggs up 2-1 . Top 4th Reyes homer turned back to double with one out , Semien two out rbi double scores Reyes , Benintendi rbi single, wahoos up 3-2 . Bottom 4th Winker lead off single, Villar PR , steals Second uses last steal attempt for regular season. Ahmed HBP with two outs , but  PH Grichuk flyout for 3rd out . Wahoos still up 3-2 . Top of 9th Bradley in second inning of relief, Markakis double semien single, Benintendi sac fly rbi to RF . Wahoos win 4-2 Cole win , Brasier save closed out bottom of 9th . Wahoos 4/10/0 Juggs 2/5/0 . Juggs complete 3rd quarter stand at 39-33 .

Manager Tim

Stars at Juggs

Juggs end losing streak at home . After losing 6 in a row . Juggs open series at home with a win over stars . Juggs will win first two of the 3 game series. Game 1: Degrom throws a very good complete game for the Stars but can’t get the run support to win . Degrom 8 ip 3 hits 3 runs 1 earned run 2 HR BB 1 SO 6 . Degrom turned back at least 4 walks and a lot of hits . Minor went 6.1 no earned runs to get the win . Wood came in top of 9th with 2outs and runner on first to end stars rally after 2 runs scored on Oh in relief. Wood Ks Kemp for the save as Juggs win 3-2 . Stars started game with bases full one out in top of first but Ramos hit into a DP. Juggs left bases full in bottom of 3rd with 2 outs . Juggs big inning came bottom of 6th , Votto one out solo shot , Muncy gets to first when Carpenter makes a two out error at second, Judge then hits a two run homer . Juggs up 3-0 . Top of 7th stars have runners 1st and 2nd one out but Gennett hits into a DP . Top of ninth Stars try and come back , Sanchez PH single with one out , Ramos po Center out #2, Carpenter rbi double, Gennett rbi single , Kemp strikeout . Juggs win 3-2 stars 2R 8H 2E, Juggs 3R 3H 0E . Game 2: Carasco for Juggs out pitches Morton for Stars. Carrasco 9 ip 5 hits 0runs 0 walks 12 strikeouts. CG shutout for win . Juggs win 4-0 and should have blown game wide open with the number of base runners we left stranded. Morton only pitched 1.2 innings and Alverez, Chapman and Lugo did the rest . Juggs scores first in bottom of 2nd Winker lead off walk , with two outs Suárez makes error putting Muncy on first Winker to second. Molina rolls 11=5 normally a triple but Morton as 16 makes it a 7 single rbi. , smith infield single fills bases , Morton pulled . Alverez will k PH Judge for 3rd out . Bottom of 3rd Alverez walks Votto Muncy and Winker no outs,but Hicks K and Lowrie has a hit number turned into a DP . Bottom of 4th Molina HR turned back to a one out double by Alverez, Smith up Alverez pulled after 8 batters , Chapman in , Springer PH for smith, singles, Iglesias PR for Molina goes to 3rd , Chapman WP scores Iglesias and Springer to 3rd , Judge rbi double, Votto k, Muncy 5-3 ends inning, Juggs up 3-0 . Bottom of 5th Chapman walks 3 batters loads bases with two outs , is pulled Lugo in to face springer and gets the k for 3rd out . Muncy two out solo shot in bottom of 6th 4-0 Juggs will win by that score . Juggs 11 base runners stranded that game. Stars 0/5/1 Juggs 4/7/0 . 7 walks . Game 3 Stars take out their Frustration on Sabathia, crushing him for 12 hits 9 ER and 2 HR . Kershaw gets plenty of run support for the easy win 12-3 . Star open game with single, double, single rbi, single rbi, Ramos DP, Gurriel single rbi, Kemp Two run homer Bader flyout. 5-0 stars top of 3rd stars get another 3 runs of Sabathia with two outs , Gurriel double, Kemp rbi single, Bader two run homer , 8-0 stars . Top of 5th Sabathia allows another run , 9-0 stars , top of 6th stars score again off Bradley in relief. 10-0 stars .juggs finally score bottom of 6th , Winker double, Voit will hit to Kemp in RF Two base error scores Winker . Stars up 10-1 . Bottom of 7th Kershaw gives up lead off double to Votto and is pulled for Lugo,, Lugo gets lowrie for 1st out , but walks Barnhart, then gives up rbi single to smith scoring Votto, Kershaws only earned run . Iglesias fc rbi. Stars up 10-3. Stars score two more top of 8th , Cron on by Donaldson error, Marte two run homer 11=5 . ( marte lost his 3 vs Sabathia as a 4 in first inning became a 7 with runners on 1st and 3rd would have been a triple) stars win 12-3 . Stars 12/15/2 Juggs 3/8/3 . Juggs now 36-30 need to play Mike and John

Manager Tim