A Good Craftsman – Shartlesville Browns 2nd Period Stats

A good craftsman never blames his tools, but after more woeful Browns offense in the 2nd period I just placed a big order with dicegamedepot.com. The Browns slashed .188/.258/.321 in the 2nd making the numbers from the first (.218/.268/.367) look like they’re from the steroid era. Despite trading Kershaw and Strasburg the pitching staff held steady, even slightly lowering theirĀ ERA by a hundredth from 3.28 to 3.27.

The Browns scored 1 or no runs in 7 of the 27 games in the second period and had 3 or fewer hits in 4 games. Amazingly those were both improvements over the first period when they had 0 or 1 runs 14 times and had 3 or fewer hits 6 times. The Sharts were 6-6 in 1 run games and 1-4 in extras in the 2nd…

… and somehow despite all of this epic sucking the Sharts managed to go 13-14 in the second and sit just 3 games below .500. We’re hoping the addition of Jose Abreu and Adam Jones will help.

Manager Tony

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