Browns 2017 1st Period Stats

While the Browns got off to a hot start with the bats things seem to have regressed to the mean and they are now slashing .237/.310/.433 for the year. Left handers continue to be an issue as the Browns are hitting .226/.300/.400 against southpaws and .243/.317/.446 against RHP. Thus far the Shart’s O is being paced by B. Dozier (.259-6-25) and D. Fowler (.290/.416/.484) even though both of them cooled off quite a bit in the last series. The Seager bros. have both been steady throughout the 1st period With Corey (.263/.305/.458) with 4 homers and 21 RBI and Kyle (.302/.357/.453) leading the club in doubles.

Despite the recent addition of Jon Lester the starting pitching is still very shaky at 18-16 with a 3.95 ERA. Rich Hill (3-0 3.14 in 4 starts) and C. Rodon (4-2 1.45 in 6 starts) have carried the staff while Johnny Cueto (3-5 4.58 in 8 starts) has been a continuing disappointment. The Pen has performed well above expectations posting a 2-0-13 record, a 1.69 ERA and a 0.83 WHIP.

Despite my maneuvering to shore up shaky D at 1B, SS and in the OF we are still kicking the ball around to the tune of 37 errors in 36 games.

I’m now taking the month of May off from playing to travel and will look to start playing 2nd Period games some time in mid to late June.

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