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Speakers Muted

Speakers go mute at Basher stadium. Juggs End first quarter with a surprising pair of wins.”” against best team in the league “ says manager Tim . The Speakers are the team I pick to win it all he also says . Game 1 has a pair of lefties wood for Juggs price for speakers , and it’s a pitching dual the whole game . Price will get a complete game win and shutout. Price allowed only 3 hits and one walk in his win .he also recorded 11 strikeouts. Top of 3rd Rizzo singles off of wood , Merrifield and Bryant both strikeout. Betts singles. And then haniger rbi single scores Rizzo for only run of game . Wood went 6.2 innings allowed 6 hits one earned run one walk 8 ks. Chavez finished game for Juggs 2.1 IP no hits one walk 2 k. No errors this game .  Game 2 .Gonzales starts for Juggs . Martinez for speakers. Speakers strike first blood in top of 3rd . Posey walk, Rizzo HBP, merrifield single to load bases . Bryant rolls a 27 result 3b easy double play, but not for Muncy a (3) fielding 3 runner on 3rd scores only force out at 3rd made . Butt luckily Betts pops to catcher and Haniger k to end inning. Speaker 1-0. Juggs answer back when smith gets a one out single, Peralta hit and run . Runners on corners one out Votto sac fly to center scores smith . Ties game . Top 4th belligerents one out double will score when posey gets a two out single. Rizzo gets HBP again. Merrifield flyout to end inning. Speakers up 2-1. Bottom 4th Juggs score twice thanks to a haniger error to leadoff batter hicks, Gennett single, Dejong line to 2nd. One out runners first and second . Error Baez SS to fill bases . Smith single (15/11) two runs score . Peralta hits into double play to end inning. Juggs up 3-2 . Top of 5th Gonzales hits his third batter Bryant. Gonzales pulled . OH in to face Mookie . Boom first pitch gone 2 run homer . Two singles an error and a sac fly will get speakers another run that inning. Speakers up 5-3 . Speakers will hold that lead going into bottom of 9th Iglesias will PH for Dejong. To face lefty Rogers , Rogers pulled for righty Diaz , flyout Center . But Molina gets a 6 double. Lowrie PR for Molina one out runner on second. Smith gets his second 11 single of game runners first and third one out .manager Tim contemplating to steal or H&R . Manager Brian takes this moment to change pitchers . Brings in lefty hand . Forcing manager Tim to PH for Peralta with Judge . Smith steals second . For a better hitting position for judge 8’s are good now . But boom 11 roll for 0 second column roll 15=1 , Hand +13 can’t stop it . 3 run homer Juggs WIN.

Game 3 speakers at Juggs . Juggs pitch their 3rd lefty ,Minor. Minor will get a complete game win behind a 17 hit 12 run offense. Minor had a shutout till the 9th , when Mookie Betts hit a lead off Homer. The only run for the Speakers, who only had 4 hits this game . Minor 9ip 4 hits 1er 2bb 6k. Gennett went 5 for 5 with 3 runs , 1 rbi , and 3 doubles. Molina was 1 /4 with a 3 run homer and a sac fly rbi for 4 rbi. Smith was 3/6 2 runs scored and a rbi. Peralta 3/5 one run and a double. Juggs had no walks in the first 5 innings. But then had 3 in the 6th and 2 in the 7th off of starter Eovaldi +41 control. Manager Brian made Eovaldi eat this game for a complete game loss . Juggs are extremely happy to get two wins in this series. Finish Quarter 13-11 .

Manager Tim


Juggs travels to lemons for exciting 3 game series . Juggs start all lefties. Game 1 . Gonzales for Juggs goes 5.2 ip but can’t get the win . Juggs start strong scoring 5 ER in first two innings off lemon starter Foltynewicz. Top 1 smith lead off ground out , Peralta walk , Votto flyout off hit number (8) , Winker HBP, Muncy rbi single ,Hicks rbi single , Gennett flyout ends inning. Juggs 2-0 . Top off 2 . Dejong k , Molina double, Smith flyout, Peralta rbi double, Votto 2 run homer , Winker po c. Juggs 5-0 . Foltynewicz downgraded to a 12 . Bottom of 2 gallo lead off solo shot , runners stranded on 1st and second. 5-1 Juggs . Bottom of 3rd lemons start comeback. Blackmon lead off single , Martinez single , JD Martinez walk , bases loaded no outs , Gallo rolls a 5 but Gonzales as an 11 makes it a single (7) instead of a double, still 2 runs score, runners on 1st and 3rd no outs , but a flyout to strong arm center Hicks , a k and a 1-3 po end the inning. Juggs 5-3. Bottom of 4 Gennett makes one of his two errors for game leading to another lemon run . 5-4 Juggs . Bottom of 6 th freese lead off double kindler PR , stasis k , one out , story hits grounder to Gennett and he throws wild to first scoring kinsler and story to second Blackmon ground out , two outs Martinez up Gonzales pulled . Oh comes in gets third out . Tied game 5-5. Juggs bounce back top 8 th Winker one out single off blier lefty took (0) to 7 . Villar PR steals second , Muncy k, Hicks hits grounder to kinsler and he makes a two base error villar scores . Juggs 6-5 . Oh pitches a solid 2.1 innings no runs . Bottom 9 Juggs still lead 6-5 . Story up , Chavez comes in for a save opportunity. Boom 66 homerun game tied . Chavez then settles down and pitches 4 innings to get the win when judge hits a two out solo homer in top of 12th . Juggs win 7-6. Each team had 10 hits . Juggs had 3 errors lemons only one .   Game 2 Juggs start off hot smith lead off single Winker scores him rbi single with one out , Votto walked ahead at Winker so runners on 1st and second , Muncy hits into a 5-5 -3 double play . Juggs 1-0 . Top 2 Dejong two run homer , Juggs 3-0 . But bottom of second lemons bat around for 5 runs only two earned as Muncy and Molina both commit errors. Albies had an rbi triple that inning. Juggs down 3-5 .top off 4th Juggs come back hitting starter Barria hard . Lead off walk by Hicks, Hit and run with Gennett costs us a homer , his 5 homer now is a single fast runner scores . Dejong k, Molina walk, Smith two rbi triple, Peralta fly to left, Votto walk, two outs first and third , Barria pulled for Chad Green. Winker flyout to Center ends inning. Juggs up 6-5 . Juggs add a run in 5th , 6th and 7th . Juggs 9-5 will hold score to win in 9 innings. Lemons manage only 2 hits after second inning . Minor gets win for Juggs Oh gets a save . Juggs 11 hits and 3 errors again, Lemons 5 hits 2 errors.     Game 3 . Wood against Corbin . Lemons bottom of first have runners on the corners with one out JD Martinez hits into a double play . Top second Corbin +26 turns back Springer homer . Bottom of 3rd lemons breakout for 4 runs off five hits . Lemons up 4-0. Top 4th Muncy solo shot , lemons 4-1 , Juggs top 6th 3 runs off 5 hits Cron homer turned back by Corbin . Game tied 4-4 , lemons get game winning score in bottom of 7th . Lemons win 5-4  . Juggs 8 hits one error . Lemons 10 hits no errors may win in relief sipp save

Manager Tim


Juggs to Wahoo Nation

Juggs travel to Wahoo nation for 3 games . Game one saw Sabathia on the mound for Juggs and Cole for wahoos . Sabathia goes 2.2 innings and is injured on a RP out 6 games . He allowed 3 runs in the third inning only one earned . Juggs get one back in top of 4th , then tie it up in 5th with a Votto 2 run homer . Wahoos answer back bottom of 5th with Arenado solo shot . Then bottom of 5th wahoos extend their lead , Maldonado solo homer and Aguilar 2run dinger . Then in bottom 6th Arenado another solo shot . Bottom of 7th Reyes gets a two run shot . Now 10-3 wahoos lead in bottom of 7th . Last two innings no scoring wahoos win 10-3 . Wahoos have 14 hits no errors. Juggs had 11 hits and 2 errors. Game 2 :much closer Juggs starter chacin goes 6.1 ip 2 runs only one earned but gets the loss . Bauer goes 7 ip for a 3-1 win no homers in this game . But Ohtani DHs this game and is scheduled to pitch next game . He goes 2/3 2 doubles one rbi and a walk . I warn manager Mike that he’s going to be tired from all that running when he pitches in our game 3 . Game 3 Ohtani goes against Juggs ace Carasco. Here we go folks top of first M. Smith walks , Peralta H&R gets a second column 4 , would normally be a triple but H&R changes it to single runner to third . Votto single rbi, Winker double 2 rbi, Muncy fly left , Hicks flyout left, Gennett rbi double, Dejong 2 rbi homer , Molina ground out all 9 batters hit first inning for a 6-0 lead , next inning Smith lead off single. That’s it manager Mike says and pulls Ohtani. Ohtani one inning pitched 6 hits 6 ER 1HR 1BB . Berrios wahoos number 4 starter comes in for relief. Pitches 6 innings and gives up 6 more runs . At the end of the top of 5th inning Juggs lead 12-0 . Bottom of 5th carasco has bad inning allows 4 runs Aguilar 2 run triple after altuve HBP and Arenado two run homer . 12-4 Juggs . Bottom of 7th wahoos add two more Arenado another 2 run homer . Juggs 12-6 what the heck is going on . Bottom of 8th carasco gives up lead off double to Markakis and that’s it he is pulled . Bradley comes in and he gets knocked around giving up a walk and rbi double, one out buchter now comes in to face altuve with runners on 2nd and 3rd , crack altuve rips a 2 rbi double, 12-9 now . Hirano brought in now to stop the bleeding. Ks Aguilar, walk Arenado, k Encarnacion for third out . Top off ninth Juggs get a 3 run homer from Muncy to gain some cushion, score now 15-9 Juggs and that’s how it will end as Hirano gets 3 outs in bottom of 9th . Muncy has Monster game for Juggs 3/5 6 RBI 1 HR 1BB. Arenado had 4 homers and 6 rbis in the series for the wahoos. Juggs now 8-7 record.

Manager Tim


The Plague vs. Lymebees

Game 1; Matz vs Syndergaard; Bees score 1 run in 1st and 2 runs in 2nd, Plague get a lead off HR by Cain in 8th and the game ends at 3-1 for the Bees.

Game 2; Gibson vs Freeland; Plague score 2 runs in 2nd, Bees send 11 batters to the dish and score 5 runs in bottom of 2nd, Plague score 2 runs in 3rd and 2 runs in 4th, Bees get a 2 run HR by Yelich in 6th, Plague tie game in 8th and we go to extra innings, in 10th Plague get a run on error sac and another error scores the winning run as Plague win 8-7

Game 3; L. Castillo vs Clevinger; Bees lead off bottom of 1st with a Chapman HR, Plague tie game in top of 2nd, Puig HR to lead off bottom of 2nd for Bees, Plague tie game in 4th and score unearned run and 2 run HR by Lindor in 7th and hold on to win 5-2


Lymebees record at 5-4.

ELims and Bees

Game 1; Buehler vs Hendricks; Eliminators score 1 run in 1st with 2 outs, Bees score 2 runs in 1st on a 2 out double by Andujar, Eliminators tie game in second with a unearned run and in 3rd after Bees get a double play to empty bases Eliminators get a single, walk and HBP to load  the bases and Profar singles in 2, Bees answer back in bottom of 3rd with 2 runs to not the score up, Bees get 2 runs in 6th and Hendricks pitches into 9th as Bees hold on to win 6-4

Game 2; Rodriguez vs Clevinger; Bees get 4 runs in 1st along with 5 walks and add 2 run HR’s in 5th by Yelich and 7th by Chapman to go along with Clevinger giving up just one walk in 7th  and completes a no-hitter for a 8-0 Bees win.

Game 3; Flaherty vs Snell; Snell gives up a leadoff HR to Harper and is removed with 2 outs in 5th and bases loaded, Eliminators get solo HR by Correa in 6th and solo HR’s by Profar and Harper in 7th, Bees do not get a hit until 7th and are shut out 4-0. Eliminators strike out 17x and Bees 13 for 30 strike outs in this game.


Lymebees record at 4-2 and looking to schedule games.